Thursday, January 17, 2013

Suburgatory: Tessa's Teeth

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This episode certainly did not make me want to continue with the series. And, a quick preview of the upcoming storylines confirms that this comedy is just not for me. In this episode, Fred acts beyond crazy, Tessa has an extreme paranoia after being on pain meds, Ryan confesses his hopes of a relationship with our spunky protagonist, and Dallas' idea of "the next level" is to have mutual decor with George. Gag me with a spoon, I'm waving goodbye to Chatswin!

Suburgatory "Junior Secretary's Day" (S02E09): George discovers rat droppings (really karob) in the basement, but finds Fred instead of actual vermin. See, he pretended to leave on a business trip, but in reality he didn't win "Salesman of the Year" this time and needs to hide out for a few days. [it's so weird how people are always going in and out of one another's homes in this town!] And, because it's "Junior Secretary's Day" and Fred is now just a junior secretary who is calling into work sick, George must go retrieve the flowers delivered to the Shay house before Sheila finds them. [eye roll time!] George pretends that they were mis-delivered and supposed to be "get well" flowers for Tessa, but Sheila is on to him. So, Fred pretends he took an early flight home, and, in the end, she wishes him a happy junior secretary's day. [AWKWARD!]

Tessa needs to have her wisdom teeth removed, but she's skeptical at the preventative measure. [can't blame her. I was, too.] But, when a paper on Eleanor of Aquitaine becomes an in-class assignment for the following day, Tessa decides to have the surgery after all. [haha! does she not have to make it up?] After the procedure, Tessa drools blood and is paranoid, thinking Fred is an alien, as he's covered himself in foil to ensure that Sheila doesn't read his mind. [I told you guys he was weird!] She even thinks that he stole the souls of her dad and Dallas, which is why they're now etched in crystal. [haha! In reality, Dallas had an etched crystal picture made of her and George because she wants to start leaving items at one another's houses. also, did Dallas call George "Daddy"??] She throws out the picture and later has to explain the situation to Dallas, who thought that George didn't like it. Lisa lets Ryan bring Tessa her homework, and after some hesitation, he goes over and even ties socks around her face to help her cheek pain. [I don't think I've ever seen that done for anything but the mumps, LoL.] Ryan professes his feelings for her as she begins to fall for him.
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