Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Switched at Birth: Immigration Comes Over

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So, if you didn't know, I love a good farce. They are my absolute favorite storylines. So, when Switched at Birth pulled one, I was pretty excited. I didn't really know how it would go, and as the charade continued I was about on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen. When John started signing to Kathryn as he was speaking, I became giddy. When Daphne enlisted Travis to help pull off a miracle, I half-expected them to act like they were being intimate in the room... though a shower was pretty believable, too. And, with everything that was going on, I had COMPLETELY forgotten that Toby was giving a twenty-minute tour of the house and grounds to Lana. Nobody knew what she might say, and although her comments made for a little confusion, everything worked out in the end... though I personally think that Regina frequenting that bar is going to get her into trouble!

Switched at Birth "Dressing for the Charade" (S02E04): John is upset about the way Kathryn's words have been spun, and considers allowing his campaign manager to use his opponent's college debate days to uncover dirt. Well, the guy goes forward with the plan, only making a bigger headache for John. [haha at Kathryn's "I told you so!"] To get away from the stress of the campaign (and the fact that the OTHER Switched at Birth book is being made into a movie), Kathryn asks Regina out to a jazz club, where they run into Zane, a guy comes over who used to hit on Regina 15 years ago when she frequented the spot with Angelo. [I struggle to imagine going to the same place for so long!] He asks Regina to watch him play the following night, and she goes. [I really wonder what they're going to set up this time...]

There's a tiny plotline with Bay considering selling her Frida Kahlo letter, but after learning it contains information about a pretend child, she decides to keep it. [that whole thing was so odd - Bay loves Kahlo but didn't know about Leonardo. and she'd also consider selling the letter because it's from Angelo, but not once she learned it's *extra* valuable??]

Travis has been sleeping at the car wash so Daphne tracks down his mother to ask what's going on. [didn't that seem a little forward to you?] The woman she says that Travis has been getting into fights with his brothers and father and doesn't help around the house, so she doesn't care if he moves out, but he's not being forced. He goes to Daphne's to ask for an explanation and they're working things out.

John and Kathryn ask Toby about an ultrasound charge, fearing that Nikki was pregnant. [haha!] He explains about Lana, then suggests that the family should meet her, as she is carrying Bay's half-sister. Nobody is thrilled, and Regina and Daphne plan to boycott. Plus, Lana is also hesitant, but Toby tells both parties that the other is looking forward to it, so the dinner happens. Bay plans to tell Lana about how horrible Angelo is, but she never really gets the chance, as things start getting complicated. Toby takes Lana on a tour when an immigration officer arrives to make sure that Regina and Angelo BOTH moved out. John stalls him and signs for Kathryn to do something, so she texts Daphne, who runs around like crazy trying to get everything out of Regina's bedroom. [seriously, everything? why not make it look like Adriana's room or something? and why didn't they have a plan in place for this??] Travis helps her but they don't finish, so Travis pretends it's his room. [the guy believed it a little too easily, if you ask me!] That act of kindness convinces Daphne to kiss him.
Outside, the officer is about to say goodbye when Lana and Toby walk up, and Lana recognizes Regina from the elevator. She questions what's going on, and is soon asked her relationship to the group. She says that she's pregnant with Angelo's baby, but Regina's explanation of Angelo's affair convinces the officer that a marriage with so many problems must be real. [haha!]
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