Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cake Boss: Bollywood, Surgery, New Cookies

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I was surprised that this show was left off the schedule for the past two weeks, but at least it's back. I was a bit intrigued that Lisa was getting lap band surgery, as it seemed to come out of nowhere. I was also hoping for more information on how she was going to care for her three young children while she recovered, but I guess the sisters just all took turns or something? It made for an interested side story, but I probably still would have preferred a second cake in the mix. Similarly, it was fun to see Marissa's first venture into having one of her cookies sold at Carlo's, and I especially liked Joey's note that she's been in the decorating room for the most part but will be spending some time on the baking side as well. The series hardly ever showcased Dana and his work at the bakery, so I'm happy that we get to see Marissa prosper. No matter which baker wins Cake Boss: Next Great Baker this season, I'll be excited to see that person around Carlo's, too.

The Cake Boss "Light Up the Night" (S05E26): An engaged couple requests a Bollywood-themed cake for their wedding reception. They want red roses, glitz, and it needs to feed 1000-1100 people. They also want two smaller cakes to dedicate to their parents. [though those side cakes were still rather large!] The parents' cakes tell the story of the American Dream with a filmstrip format. [I guess that was cool?] For the main cake, the plan is tons of lights. Buddy gets his staff to weigh-in on this cake, but they disagree on round or square tiers. [haha at wrapping Anthony in rope lights!] The main cake is unbalanced but they move forward with stenciling for an Indian flair, plus lots of bling. [awesome sugar roses!] Maurizio sat in the back of the truck for the delivery to Philly, but the cake traveled well. [It's not my thing but I think that the cake fit what the couple was hoping to receive.]
SisterLisa tells the family that they overeat and she's decided to get lap band surgery. It goes well, and ten days later she's back at work, though still a little sore. [I was expecting to see Grace at some point, but we only saw Mary and Madeline console Lisa.]

Joey asks Marissa to suggest a cookie for the shop to sell, so she works on scaling her "everything but the kitchen sink" cookies for 20 dozen+. But, not every ingredient scales the same way and a few test batches show that they puff and spread in the large batch. In the end, the employees like them and the cookies go downstairs for samples and sales.
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