Friday, February 8, 2013

Big Bang: The Straw that Broke Leonard? A Dumbledore Spoiler

Quick poll: how long does something need to exist before you are free to talk about it without potentially spoiling it for others? In casual conversation, I've always played by the "two years" rule, regardless of whether the topic is literature, film, television, etc. If someone specifically says "don't tell me!" I oblige, but I don't expect others to keep things to themselves if they've been widely available for two years.

Anyway, this episode was pretty funny, as Leonard finally reaches a breaking point in putting up with Sheldon's shenanigans. Plus, while I was completely expecting Amy to be ready to move-in with Sheldon and Sheldon to be against that option, I was a bit surprised at how readily Leonard would want to bunk with Penny, whose reaction was pretty much what I had expected. It did seem strange, however, that Amy seems to still be unaware that Sheldon has thought of their physical future. I would have banked that it would come up again this week and potentially set-up something for Valentine's Day next week. It still could, but I'm not betting on it... are you?

The Big Bang Theory "The Spoiler Alert Segmentation" (S06E15): Leonard is reading the Harry Potter series but Sheldon spoils the fact that Dumbledore dies in the sixth book. [I know I just talked about old info not actually being "spoiled," but that's a severe plot point to just blurt out!] They start arguing, previous indiscretions are mentioned, and Leonard announces that he's moving out. [Sheldon wanting the last word with the Dobby comment was too much!] Leonard complains to Penny, then suggests he move in with her. [I loved her comparison of Leonard and Sheldon to Sesame Street characters! "you're like Bert and Ernie - you guys even teach me stuff like words and numbers!"] She struggles to tell him "no" while Sheldon doesn't know how to tell Amy the same thing. See, she's more than willing to mold herself into Sheldon's ideal roommate, but he panics and begs Leonard to return.
Sonja Flemming/CBS
Penny and Sheldon try to figure out what to do, but when Amy drafts a message for the answering machine, Sheldon decides to lie, saying that Penny won't live with Leonard, so he's got to return to his old room. Somehow, Sheldon had not anticipated that Amy would confront Penny about it, and the cover is soon blown. By the end, things are back to status quo, but in trying to reunite with Leonard, Sheldon gives away ANOTHER spoiler, this time about The Walking Dead. [Sheldon really showed some errors in judgment this episode... how out-of-character!]

While all of this is taking place, the other main characters are off in a completely separate plot: Bernadette and Howard go to Las Vegas on a trip for her company and ask Raj to check in on Howard's mother while they're away. As Raj's Saturday nights suck, he agrees to do it. [poor guy. but maybe a change from chilling with his dog and Stuart would be nice.] Mrs. Wolowitz feeds Raj and he feels bad that she cries when she's alone, so he stays overnight in Howard's old room. [whaaaa??? also, had we previously seen ANYTHING of Howard's mom before? because you can get a glimpse of her move across the kitchen in this episode.] Howard calls and warns Raj to leave, but Mrs. Wolowitz has hidden his clothes and car keys. He eventually goes out the window. [eep!]
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