Sunday, February 10, 2013

Elementary: "I Believe in Sherlock Holmes"

Wow. Identifying ashes? Craziness. So crazy, in fact, that this is where I'm going to draw the line. This show has stopped being interesting to me as the drama increases and the deduction techniques get more and more unbelievable. Nine episodes remain in the first season, and I'll continue to watch to see here it goes, but this is the final schedule recap for the hit CBS show, Elementary.

My main gripe about this episode? For Holmes' father to give him millions of dollars, you have to bet that he questioned his son about whether the money was to be used for drugs. And, the man would also probably question whether Watson did her job... wouldn't it then come out that his father is no longer paying for her services? I'm guessing that Holmes knows the truth but hasn't said anything yet because he knows that he really does still need her assistance. How else would you explain it?
Jeffrey Neira/CBS
Elementary "A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs" (S01E15): A woman won't let a stranger in her home to charge his phone and as soon as he goes away, someone in her home drugs her and places her in a suitcase to kidnap her. [smart to go to a cabbie, though!] Holmes tells this story at an addict meeting, then learns that the father of the kidnapped girl is his old dealer, Reese, who has come for help after receiving a ransom video. The reason for the kidnapping is simple to uncover, as the ransom is exactly the same amount that Reese stole from a supplier a while back. [oh, you guys... drugs just cause so many problems...] At Emily's home, Holmes finds a club stamp transferred onto the wall during a struggle, so the trio goes there to see if Reese recognizes anyone. He does, plus Holmes spots an undercover agent that he fights with to get some info. [yeah, I don't know how that sort of shenanigan works, either.] Holmes backs off the cartel and searches Emily's twitter as if it was a diary, then hacks her bank account and realizes her stepfather was hitting her up for money. [House of Bromides?]

Watson finds Reese smoking weed in the bathroom and tells him to get it together, flushing his stash. Then, we learn that the stepfather knows nothing, but the kidnapper is watching Reese. They lose 12 hours off of the time they have to hand over the money, learning the guy means business when he sends over one of Emily's fingers. [ahhhh! I can't handle this stuff!] Holmes examines it under a magnifying glass, noticing the burn of an older radiator and some Ethiopian food under the fingernail. Holmes figures out where the take-out places are in proximity to old buildings in the city, and the many are searched. Reese offers Holmes cocaine but Holmes attacks him, then calls his own father to ask for the ransom money. [and he'll just hand over the money to a recovering drug addict??] Holmes will go to make the transfer, then never wants to see Reese again. [wow. mature.] But, while Holmes is out, he realizes it's an ambush at the same time the undercover agent shows up at his apartment, tying up Watson and Reese. Reese frees them but gets shot, so Watson knocks the agent unconscious. It turns out that the agent was in on the whole thing, Emily is found, Holmes returns his father's money, and Reese goes into hiding. After the whole experience, Holmes chooses to tell the story of temptation at a meeting.
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