Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last Man Standing: Racing Cars and a Music Video

A couple of complaints about this episode... first, who has a downhill derby track at their house? Seriously, it's something that you'd use once a year just to test your own car against the one before... what other use would it have? Second, how does Kristin STILL not have enough money to move out of the house? This is what you get when you rapid-age a child. Last season, when Boyd was a toddler, it was believable that she was still struggling, especially with child care to afford. But, now that he's in kindergarten AND Ryan is back in the picture, I find it hard to believe that she still has to live at home, despite being ~22 years old and working for 4-6 years. They're in Denver, not Manhattan! That said, this episode wasn't garbage, though it was a bit more political than it needed to be... poking fun at Obamacare is one thing, but the President's upbringing is another. The "it's Valentine's Day" angle also seemed forced... yes, it gave the girls something to do, but it came out of nowhere, and I think it'll be fading just as fast. (speaking of which, if you wanted to view "Love Arrow," check it out here.)

Last Man Standing "What's in a Name? (S02E13): Boyd is using Ryan's last name (Vogelson) at school and Kristin is considering making it legal, at Ryan's request. Mike is upset and Vanessa isn't thrilled, so Mike gets to work convincing Boyd that being at the beginning of alphabet is better and that women are equals so women and children shouldn't automatically take the man's name. [can we find out how "Boyd" is an acceptable name while we're at it? no?] Mike vents on his Outdoor Man vlog, "Space is the Place," saying that single mothers who raise their children should give them her name. [and this is where he laughs about what Barack's surname "should be."]

Mike wants to enter the annual father-son wooden car derby with Eve, who is tired of pretending to be a boy and losing to the sons of Lockheed Martin employees. [haha!] Ed suggests Mike participate with Boyd, but Ryan thinks if Boyd should participate, he should, too, not Mike. [fair enough. but who is sponsoring this thing? Normally it's the Boy Scouts, isn't it? Apparently not in this case...] Ryan adds googly eyes and a pinwheel to his, and Boyd likes it better, even if it loses to Mike's streamlined vehicle.
Mike decides to let Ryan and Boyd race as a team, and Eve decides to go with Mike, so everybody wins. Boyd wins for "most creative entry," and decides to use "Baxter" as his last name on the trophy. See, Ryan decided that he doesn't want to perpetuate suppression of women, though he takes it a little too far by wondering if he should change his own name to Baxter. [to which Mike quickly objects!]

Meanwhile, Mandy makes a viral video, "Love Arrow" with her sisters, though Vanessa is initially uncomfortable with them posting stuff on the internet. They record it at the store with Kyle, and Ed plays the bongos.
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