Friday, February 8, 2013

The Following - "Chapter 2"

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

This episode's review has the new format. Review first, then a summary in mind map form. Let me know what you think.  The mind map will change over time and may be reorganized to have episodes underneath each character (that way it wouldn't give away things to viewers who haven't seen the entire show from the beginning). One note, the same mind map will be updated with all the new information, so you'll notice you see all the info, regardless of the review.

"Chapter 2" s01e02

This episode exposed character flaws that I didn't think would be visible for a while. Joe's plan is already not going as envisioned and an agent is already giving him what he wants behind Ryan's back. The dumbest member of "the following" pulls off a mass killing while the three smarter ones are beginning to show signs of conflict? Coming off the rails a bit too quickly. I'm betting things get more serious in the upcoming episodes. 

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