Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun Friday: Drinking on The Cosby Show

The Cosby Show was about as wholesome as it could get in the 1980s. I mean, they sometimes went whole episodes without actually having any conflict. But, when they decided to feature a big concern, they went all out. Sure, teaching Theo the value of a dollar with Monopoly money (pilot) or by having him pay for rent and food (years later) made an impact, but when Vanessa comes home hungover, Cliff and Clair took serious action.
To convince Vanessa to be more responsible, the Huxtable parents stage a drinking game with Vanessa and Rudy. (you know, yet another example making you wonder how in the world a doctor and a lawyer had the spare time to create such elaborate life lessons for their children!) If you're not clear on which daughter is Rudy, she's the youngest, therefore also under the minimum drinking age. After learning the classic game of rhythmically naming alphabetical things in a given category, the family begins. It's not super-effective, however, until young Rudy misses and Cliff pours her a shot. Vanessa believes it to be gin, but in reality it's just tea. Still, Rudy plays along well, acting as if it's terrible and not wanting to drink more than a drop. Vanessa is shocked that her parents would force her younger sibling to down liquor, though she soon learns the truth herself when she's the fourth person to "miss" and is about to embark on four shotglasses of the "vile" liquid.
I had completely forgotten about this silly episode until recently, as "Vanessa" memories have been flooding back to me as I watch Guys with Kids. Remember this episode? What was your favorite lesson enactment in the Huxtable household?
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