Friday, March 1, 2013

Guys with Kids: Is This The End?

I completely believe that Nick would go to extremes to make sure that Chris doesn't fully reconcile with Sheila. Putting up old cut-outs and rounding up Sage weren't that extreme for this group, but I think calling the episode "Divorce Party" went a little far. Of course, Sheila also crossed a few lines this episode, making it all the more crushing that this might be it. We might have seen our final Guys with Kids, as this was the end of the first season to a comedy that never pulled in 5M viewers after the pilot and has gotten pretty poor reviews from most outlets. The chance that it will receive a second season is there, but mainly because NBC really doesn't have too much going for it right now. I'm pulling it for it, but don't put all your eggs in this basket. On a separate note, I was looking forward to the appearance of Keshia Knight Pulliam as Marny's sister, as I've been a fan of The Cosby Show for YEARS. And we just did a throwback article about Vanessa and Rudy, too. Because of how integral Bridget became, we might continue to see her if a second season is granted, so take that for what it's worth.

Guys with Kids "Divorce Party" (S01E17): Marny's younger sister, Bridget, visits. [how old is Marny supposed to be if her younger sister is 33? Emily can't be 30, and I never would have pegged Marny to be more than 35 before this...] Having promised Gary not to lend Bridget any money, Marny decides that Bridget should be Gary's assistant for his Wrapkin business. Bridget doesn't know much about working, but she does come up with a feminine design for the accessory, which Emily and Marny like. [bleh! not me!] Gary gets upset at the change, yells at Bridget, and she quits. However, when a baby store also prefers Bridget's design, Gary rolls with the punches and then apologizes to his sister-in-law.
Vivian Zink/NBC
Sheila and Chris talk about the logistics of having another child, and she asks him not to tell Nick, so she has the pleasure of doing so. [I hate Sheila.] But, when Sheila gets paranoid about the hormones involved, they agree to procreate the typical way. This causes Nick to think that Sheila is trying to get Chris back, so he pushes Nick to return to Sage. When Chris is late to Sheila's, she heads to the bar, finding him with Sage. Sheila leaves and Chris isn't sure what to do. [any bets?]
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