Friday, March 1, 2013

1600 Penn: No Substance Here

A family trip to the President's ranch, sans electronics. Sounds like a recipe for hilarity. Too bad it wasn't! Instead, it winds up more like a dramatic episode, except it left nothing to the imagination. Dale decides on an appointment without much explanation, Skip lounges around and blathers on and on, Marigold, Xander, and Emily take a little trip into the wilderness, and Becca misses Marshall while realizing how great DB can be. I, however, disagree and will be giving this series one last episode. If you find redeeming qualities in here that I'm not seeing, please point them out in the comments!

1600 Penn "To the Ranch" (S01E07): Dale has to choose someone to nominate to the Supreme Court, but he can't focus so the family heads to the ranch for a vacation to get away from the pressure. [is a six-hour flight from DC?? geez!] DB wants to come, too, but Becca asks him not to, as it's only been six weeks. [the boy means well.] When the family arrives, Marigold, Xander, and Skip all play with electronics, so Emily swipes and hides the items.
Byron Cohen/NBC
She draws up a treasure map and tells the kids to use orienteering to find their goodies. [but we later learn that the items were very close to the cabin, so how did Xander not figure that out on the map?] Emily goes with them and tries to rough it, only she keeps forgetting things and not every problem can be solved by the hidden Secret Service agents around them. [it was funny to see them camouflaged in the field, though!] But, she can't hack sleeping under the open sky and moves into an SUV, disappointing Marigold and Xander when they awaken.[duh!] While this is going on, Skip is depressed because he's single, and Becca gets frustrated with how annoying DB is... until he shows up with her pregnancy pillow. [how did he know exactly where the ranch is?] Of course, she also had just kissed Marshall after shooting some cans. [that needs to stop. I don't want that going anywhere, LoL.]
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