Saturday, March 2, 2013

Last Man Standing: Eve as the Informant

This episode was very much a continuation of what was taking place last week - Kristin and Ryan work out their relationship quirks, making their new status known to the family, while Mandy and Kyle proceed around the bases, though Mike acting as a fatherly figure to Kyle starts to catch up with the couple. Eve didn't do a whole lot, there were no neighbors around, and all Mike and Vanessa did was parent. Even Outdoor Man only played a minor role this time. While I appreciate Eve's asking Mandy about her sexual habits in an attempt to bring the girl to her senses, I question how appropriate that scene and others this episode are for the 8pm audience. I understand that ABC has not truly reincarnated TGIF yet, but that's still a family time slot and this is still a family show. Right?

Last Man Standing "Breaking Curfew" (S02E15): Kristin sneaks out to Ryan's after Boyd is asleep, but Mike catches on. She's also trying to keep the relationship from Boyd, but Vanessa tells her that she should be honest, and the couple does decide to tell Boyd the truth. [but not actually watching the movie with him was awkward and sad.]

Mandy sneaks into the house via the kitchen at 3am, and Vanessa tells her to "do better" and "not let Mike find out." [this style of parenting will not fly when I have a teenager.] Kyle tells Mike that Mandy wasn't with him, and she later says that she went out dancing with friends after seeing Kyle. [which I totally believe she would do!] When Mike says that he told Kyle she was out late, she stages a fit, claiming that Kyle won't trust her now. But, in reality, they WERE together and she's creating an elaborate hoax so that she can spend the weekend with him. [omg crazy!] Eve catches on and asks Mandy why she's rushing the relationship, as it's only been two weeks. Eve claims that she'll be quiet, but runs straight to Mike and Vanessa, as he pays her to be his informant.
Mike offers to take Kyle out on Friday night, but he says he has a sleepover... at the same place Mandy is claiming there's a sleepover. [why he didn't get into more hot water for that, I'm not sure.] Mike then says that he thinks of Kyle as a son, and that forces him to feel bad when he's with Mandy, so they put a stop to their plans. [why DOES Mandy rush things? And just how many guys has she been with?]
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