Monday, March 4, 2013

Kings of Crash: Perks of a Younger Driver

Well, it's been fun, but I'm done with this series. I learned a few things and can see where others might get a kick out of watching the drivers, but I just have no interest in crashing cars or the lives of those who find that exhilarating. It was nice for Dalton to win, showing that young blood can put up a fight. The importance of friends really became apparent in this episode, as Gumby and Ryan had issues, Lazenby stepped up to help Mont, and Ryan got creamed by a family-and-friends threesome in the 80s heat. I thought that the purses were a little low for this derby, but at least there were no major injuries! Will you continue to watch Kings of Crash?

Kings of Crash "A Father and Son in Davis" (S01E04): Lazenby's wife removes his stitches and tries to get him to give up on derbying for a bit. But, he won't give in, despite doctor's warnings as well as his wife's. He's not the only one with concerns going into the Davis County Fair Demolition Derby, however. Ryan got his car from Gumby, and when it doesn't fully pass inspections, he questions his competitor's intentions. This event separates drivers in the initial rounds, based on what year their car was built, either regular (pre-1980) or 80s (post-1980). [this made me curious as to what the oldest and youngest cars are to compete!] Heat 1 has Gumby, Johnny Gullo, Mont, Lazenby, and Scooter, plus one other driver. Lazenby is favored, and he, Johnny, and Gumby move on. Mont has transmission problems, and he and Scooter just suffer too much damage. Lazenby helps out Mont with parts. [that's nice, especially as they could wind up against one another in the main event!]

Dalton drives in the second heat, where he's up against a father-son team without his father around. He still makes it, though. Ryan and three others are in the 80s heat, but it's two brothers and a friend who gang up on him. [eep!] He's forced to rush his repairs to compete in the grudge match, where he gets into a bad situation and has to pull his flag. BUT, some other driver didn't even have a flag, so while that gets sorted out, Ryan fixes his car and replaces his flag, which is apparently not allowed. [there was quite a bit of confusion; I wish the show had given more explanation.] He doesn't make it onward, but Mont does!

The main event has a lot of run-around, and Gumby loses his motor. [haha, he swears that he'll reinforce it like crazy next time!] Tt comes down to Johnny and Dalton, but Johnny's transmission goes out and Dalton can't move. [seriously??] In the end, Dalton wins, able to take one last shot (winning $2700). Johnny gets $1700. Lazenby takes third AND the mad dog award, earning $1150.
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