Thursday, March 28, 2013

The New Normal: David and the Boy Scouts

I want to say that I loved this episode, but I did not. I was very moved by how David's BSA storyline played out, with how he and Bryan confronted the fathers, how David disassociated himself after learning there was hatred around him, and how the "guilty" father admitted to David that he's a great guy, but not a "normal role model." These were all important and powerful moments. Yes, it did mean that the episode ended on a sour note, but we don't yet live in a world where homosexuals and heterosexuals are equal. Someday, pop culture professors might use clips from this episode to showcase how things were in 2013. But, before I launch into a personal diatribe, I'll get back to the reason I didn't love this episode - everything else. Very little Shania, a strange and out-of-nowhere storyline for Rocky and Brice, and Goldie acting out of character as well. As the season draws to a close, I'm not too impressed with what's going on and hope that the writers don't leave too many cliffhangers... not only will it be sad if they're not closed, but I think that opening multiple cans of worms is not a great technique for a rookie series.

The New Normal "About a Boy Scout" (S01E20): David is an Eagle Scout and looks forward to his son following in those footsteps, so when one of his friends suggests David chaperone an overnight camping trip, David jumps at the chance to pull out his old uniform and dive into the wilderness. [Girl Scouts don't have these as adults. at least not that I've ever seen!] A lie of omission keeps the other fathers from finding out that David is gay, until he hosts a cub scout meeting and introduces the group to Bryan. [I was impressed with the amount of time it looked like it would have taken to put together that presentation on insects and arachnids!] One of the fathers is very happy to hear about David's life, but another takes issue with it and turns in David to the BSA, which promptly revokes his membership. [which we all saw coming.] He confronts the fathers of the troop and asks who turned him in, but nobody steps up, and David turns in his sash. [awww.] One of the scouts quits because of the discrimination, and it was that boy's father who called the national office about David. The guy doesn't want David to be his son's role model, as he wants his son to "be normal." [and this is a quintessential moment for this show, title and all.]
Trae Patton/NBC
Elsewhere, Rocky attends a Loveaholics Anonymous meeting and finds out that Brice is also a member. [see? I told you this came from out of nowhere!] He talks about how he makes women fall in love with him easily, worrying Rocky because Brice has been spending a lot of time with Goldie. Rocky confronts him, then warns Goldie, who admits to crushing on Brice. Rocky encourages Goldie to be independent and not worry about having a man in her life, and she decides to heed that advice. [plus, it's awkward to go after the same man your grandmother wants!]
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