Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Go On: Ryan and Anne Make a Play for the Same Woman...

I had forgotten that Courteney Cox was guest-starring in this episode, which led me to say "is that Monica?" as Chandler Ryan spotted her for the first time in the cemetery. Oh, and by the way, I found that to be very odd... I mean, I know that you meet people everywhere you go, but making a play for someone you met at a graveyard is a bit more extraordinary than normal, no? Even more head-tilting, however, is Yolanda walking around on a cruise with a laptop, trying to get Lauren's help to meet men. And, although I half-expected to see Steven hanging around the ship, just trying to get laid, the whole Yolanda storyline felt "wrong" to me. Did you like it? Did you find it funny? Were you disturbed by it? Oh, and on an unrelated note, do you think Sonia's parents being deaf is at all a result from the attention Switched at Birth has been getting? You know, they're making deaf culture cool...

Go On "Matchup Problems" (S01E20): Anne sets up Ryan to meet a grieving widow, Talia, but when he asks her out, he winds up inviting Anne on the date. [haha!] Talia milks the waiter for cheap drinks and free buffalo wings for the three mourners, but what's worse is that she's hitting on both of them, as she isn't sure in whom she's most interested. [...what??] She asks them both out for the following night, and the both go for it, though the waiters are pulling for Ryan. [ha!] He goes home with the woman and soon learns that Anne turned down Talia because she got the crazy vibe from her. [uh oh...] Well, Talia steals a car and runs red lights, ending things as quickly as they began. [oh well!]
Justin Lubin/NBC
Yolanda's parents want to marry her off, so they're making her wear a fitted dress and fake breasts, AND they sent her on an Asian Christian Singles cruise. [apparently "marry me off" is still a term... who knew?] While cruising, she skypes the group's meeting, and Lauren tries to help her, though a guy soon starts hitting on her over the computer. She doesn't realize her flirting is harmful, however, until one guy offers up his genitals on the screen. [and Yolanda was where during this??]
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