Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2 Broke Girls: A Hole in the Floor/Ceiling

How long do you think that intrusive hole will connect the apartments? If it's still there next episode, how much do you want to bet that Sophie has a dumbwaiter system set up so she can receive freshly baked cupcakes? If it's not there, this episode didn't really serve a great purpose, in my opinion. Of course, it was just renewed, so no big deal to have a junky episode, but I don't think it did much. Unless the hole remains or we start to see Oleg's apartment more (or if he and Sophie begin to be more serious about one another), it's not a big deal, and this episode really didn't have a lot of self-contained laughs, either. Agree or disagree?

2 Broke Girls "And the Big Hole" (S02E20): Oleg and Sophie have been "getting it on" so much and so loudly that Caroline has trouble sleeping. However, the final straw breaks when the duo busts a hole through their floor and the girls' ceiling. [has anyone ever had this happen in real life? because it seems to happen on television A LOT.] A bowling ball repeatedly falls through the hole (marked with black plastic in the picture), so Caroline suggests the couple go to Oleg's.
Adam Rose/Warner Bros.
But, his place is quite the dump and he hires Caroline to give it a feminine touch. Of course, she takes it from a bad 1980s porno to an elderly woman's decor after accidentally poking a hole in the waterbed with her heels. [who walks on a bed with heels anyway?] Oleg winds up professing his love to Sophie, who just says that she likes him a little bit, though she'd much rather he live in his old place after hearing more about it. [she sure is a strange one!]

Oh. How did Caroline have the time to redecorate Oleg's? Well, after being 20 minutes late to work and insulting the food and the diner, Han fires her. [I know. you'd think that she's be a little more professional!] She doesn't want to apologize but Max scares off other applicants for the position and tries to convince Han to hire back Caroline. It takes a while, and they all wind up at Oleg's place, but he actually gives her back her job without her having to give a big apology. [I would definitely have required an apology, personally!]

Cupcakery Savings: $205.00.
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