Friday, July 26, 2013

Cake Boss: Bribes and Bibles

note: Recaps and Remarks are going up later than usual due to Comic-Con and TCA.

I was never a fan of voting being a popularity contest. In middle school and high school, it almost has to be, as there really is no power behind those positions so there's nothing you can really use as a platform. But, in adulthood, one would hope that elections could be more than that. Apparently not, as this episode depicts a woman trying to buy votes with a custom Carlo's Bakery cake. It's sad and annoying, but, then again, it's for a group where the common denominator is facial hair, so it probably doesn't really matter. The title of the episode would fit both storylines better if it was called "Bribes and Bibles," rather than "Hair Raising," but the lack of alliteration this season continues to disappoint.

Cake Boss "Hair Raising" (S06E13): A member of the Gotham City Beard Alliance (which competes in beard and mustache competitions) is running for President and wants a cake that grows facial hair to impress her cohort. [facial hair as a hobby... I've never heard that one before!] So, Buddy asks Ralph to do a balloon mustache that can be pumped up.  [ewww! didn't that styrofoam get all over the cereal treats? those things are sticky! and styrofoam is so full of static!] The woman is very happy with the cake [exceeds expectations?? what was she hoping for?] Mary wants Ralph to kiss her so she can see how kissing someone with a mustache is different, and although he avoids initially, he does go through with it. [awkward much?? his reaction that it was like "Christmas and puberty all at the same time." was also odd.]
Buddy Jr. is having his First Holy Communion, and WifeLisa has a black-and-white theme, but she's still skeptical of black fondant on a communion cake. [why not flash back to Sophia's communion cake? or Mary's kids' communion cake, for that matter?] Fortunately, the stenciling and rosary beads keep it from seeming grim, though most of the bakery workers agree that Buddy may have gone overboard with decoration. [that stenciling is such a time-consuming process! but what was with the gaps? also, I agreed about the busyness of the cake!] Joey bakes loaves of bread to give out at the celebration, though WifeLisa finds that to be a strange gift. [I found it very appropriate. however, I did not like those huge centerpieces!]
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