Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cake Boss: Paul's Submarine Send-Off

Paul is moving on from baking to sales, at a bakery supply company. It may not have the creative side where Paul excels, but it could also be a more steady income with more conducive work hours to raising his family. This should allow Ashley to stand out more for her work and less for her ongoing feud with her former competitor, though it was still very generous of Buddy to help out Paul in a time of need. Paul's final project was an interesting one, with lots of detail and a combination of reality and fantasy. Similarly, Mauro's cake this episode incorporated both the legacy of a family as well as a young teen's wishes, resulting in a masterpiece to please all. However, with neither project really facing any big difficulties, it seems that an overly complicated cake will pop up next episode!

The Cake Boss "Buttercream Submarine" (S06E14): The Navy invites Buddy to the submarine base in CT, and then ask him make a cake for a ball. Paul has been on a submarine, so he's a leader on the project, his final one for Carlo's Bakery. [good riddance! not that I'm anti-Paul, but the drama between him and Ashley is beyond annoying.] There's some argument over the ocean floor... Buddy wants colorful coral, even if black caverns would be more realistic. The cake also has a propeller and a moving periscope. [I really liked the look actually, and the squid and whale were okay, but the mer-man??]
Mauro needs to design a bat mitzvah cake that has purple and blue animal print, with rosettes on the bottom tier, and is both topsy-turvy and round, as mom and daughter have different ideas. [that's a lot to meld together! I think some of the sophistication died out, but it was still perfect for a thirteen-year-old.]
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Anonymous said...

an ocean that's not blue? no thank you. the barf colored ocean floor looks horrable