Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Falling Skies: Lourdes is Caught

This is, once again, an episode where nothing really happened. Tom returns from Boston via speedboat, Lourdes sets off a bomb and gets caught, and the destructive device that's been under construction is in danger because those who worked on it have died. Yes, there's plenty that could have been unraveled about those topics, but that's not where the episode spends its time. Tom's journey is largely missing, and the future of the WMD is an afterthought. Even Lourdes' plans and actions play second fiddle to the bulk of the episode that follows Charlestonians stuck in rubble here and there, and those who are out to rescue them. Fraggle Rock's "Marooned" episode did a better job at depicting mortality than Hal and Maggie asphyxiating. At least Cochise made a full recovery.

Falling Skies "Journey to Xibalba" (S03E09): Tom returns and shares the news that Anne and Lexi are in danger, and they'll be going after Karen to get to them. Weaver also listens to Tom's latest adventure, but others are concerned that he might have been bugged. There are bigger problems, though, as Lourdes sets off a bomb. [so I guess she's truly evil and not just mind-controlled?] Pope and Tom find Cochise badly injured, but he can regenerate if left alone. [but none of the rest of his species can do so?] There are many injured and trapped people, including Hal and Maggie, whom Ben and Matt rescue. Kadar is also stuck, and very concerned that they won't be able to get above ground.
James Dittiger
Things come together again after Tom and several others put together that Lourdes is the mole. Although the WMD-like device has been buried and its engineers killed, Kadar will likely be able to operate the device.
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