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Falling Skies: Tom is Tortured

The Comic-Con panel for Falling Skies included a preview at part of this episode. Wil Wheaton mentioned several times that it really stands out to him as a favorite. With both of these facts in mind, wrapping one's mind around the events of "Strange Brew" is still a little baffling. The sequence of events is a little unclear, as is what Tom "imagines" versus what he sees. Given that he was captured and tortured, it is also a bit strange that he winds up in Boston while his sons return to Charleston... with that amount of distance, the drama will either be forced to keep Tom separate from the group for the remainder of the season, or skip ahead in the timeline once more, though it has become rather clear that the fans do not like that with this series. The status of Anne and Lexi is also questionable, as the only shot of them has the pair wrapped in some sort of cocoon, though Karen doesn't disagree when Tom accuses her of killing them. It seems strange and unlikely that Moon Bloodgood would appear at Comic-Con if her character is dead, but it's anyone's guess.

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Falling Skies  "Strange Brew" (S03E08): Karen is using any means necessary to get Tom to reveal which city, New York, Boston, Chicago, or Jacksonville, is going to be attacked with Charleston's device. [Jacksonville? that one didn't really fit, in my opinion. Nice shout-out to the Gator Bowl, though!] For the bulk of the episode, she has Tom under a contraption that either forces him to recall memories or attempts to conjure familiar faces for him, while constantly bringing up the cities. [I think it was trying to bring Tom back to his pre-alien life, but it didn't know the faces of many people, so it stuck in those he did know.] Tom envisions Christmastime before the invasion, with his wife hinting at gifts she'd like and sending him to the dry cleaners for Matt's holiday concert suit. [I really liked seeing the Mason family in a non-tumultuous state!] Anne is everywhere - calling him, sending gifts, in his dreams - but he has no idea who she is until he follows a text to meet her at a coffeeshop. He learns that they are lovers and planning a weekend away, but he holds strong to the fact that he doesn't know her. [why Karen thought that this ploy would work is beyond me!] She continues to ask him which city he'd prefer to visit, but he doesn't answer.
James Dittiger
In this world, Hal plays basketball and is dating a girl named Rita, whom he follows like a puppy. Ben wears glasses and reads. Weaver is a vagabond with a sign that reads "The End is Near," Karen is a police officer, Maggie as a history student, and Marina and Pope are fellow professors. [I found that last one to be the least believable.] Glass's husband also makes an appearance, claiming that Tom is having an affair with his wife.

He envisions the boys rushing to his rescue, followed by his shooting Karen for not revealing where Anne and Alexis are. He also experiences a reminder of the war room in Charleston, where he is to lay out the plans for the attack. He even shoots Weaver in that incarnation. He then sees Karen threaten to hurt Anne and Lexi. [part of the confusion over the events stems from the fact that these are much shorter "dreams" than the initial one.] Somehow, however, Tom seems to have escaped Karen, as he is seen at his old home in Boston, with the Christmas list and his wife in bed next to him. Rebecca tells him to never look back, so he begins the journey once more. It's apparent that his sons believe in him, though, as when they return to Charleston without Tom, they are certain that he will make it back. [that was rude of Pope to not believe that any of the Masons would return.] 

Meanwhile, in Charleston, Marina is a suspect as the mole because she has no alibi during the President's death. The evidence against her grows when some communication equipment is destroyed, which also causes Weaver to increase security and proceed without letting her know all of the plans. [that "neon spider web" in the sky" was odd. maybe that should have been saved? or addressed in greater detail now?]
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