Monday, July 15, 2013

Falling Skies: Lives Being Threatened

Though the past few episodes have had very little take place, this installment makes up for it, and then some. Following two distinct storylines in different locations certainly helped, and having the Masons go back to their survival and familial roots was a comforting change, as much as fighting for your life can be, anyway. With only three episodes left in the season, Glass and Alexis may not be found, but even if they are, the future of the series remains in question (a fourth season has been ordered). Ben and Tom discuss the problems the family would face in Charleston, where Lexi would be treated like a freak, but living in a large group certainly gave them all many opportunities they did not have in the early seasons. Plus, having just witnessed the lives of those who are unaware that there even are thousands of survivors in certain areas really puts things into perspective... live like frontiersmen or city-dwellers?

Falling Skies "The Pickett Line" (S03E07): Tom and Ben are to meet the Rebel Leader, but the creature was injured and the Masons hightail it back to grab Hal and Matt and be off before they're also attacked. [again with the uber-dark settings!] As they make their getaway, they're trapped on a road by a family of robbers who take their horses, weapons, and supplies. [bandits? really?] While the family unpacks their haul, the Masons head for them to reclaim their items, quickly capturing the daughter, then sneaking up on the other relatives. Hal struggles with one guy, whom Matt shoots. [I don't think the situation was that severe yet, and I was taken aback that Matt's actions weren't questioned by anyone but the victim.] Ben calls for water and towels as Tom gets the family's story. [Ben is the most knowledgeable in medical treatment?] However, as soon as the group gets a chance, they grab more guns and plan to kill all four men. [I guess if prepubescent Matt is shooting people, he's a "man" now.] When the daughter pleads with her father, the Masons regain control and take off to continues searching for Lexi and Glass, only to come upon another trap.
James Dittiger
Back in Charleston, Weaver is struggling with Pope. At first, he leads the brigade to relocate Pope's trailer, bar, and hangout to create more housing. Later, he arrests Pope for civil disobedience when the miscreant starts a rebellion and slows down the city's workers. [I'm always surprised that so many people listen to Pope!] But, Weaver then seeks Pope's assistance, as he may need him to help do something about the weapon being developed. [once he's released, Pope comments that Maggie will come "crawling back to him" eventually, which seems foreshadowing and creepy at the same time.] Because the POTUS was found, he's informed about the device, which Marina now believes is more powerful than they were led to believe previously. POTUS, Marina, and Weaver also learn that radiation aftermath is possible, but Lourdes soon kills the President from the floor below with a powerful weapon, switching everyone's focus back to the mole hunt. [we really need to learn more about what happened in those seven months! when did Lourdes begin CRAWLING with worms?!?]
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