Monday, July 8, 2013

Falling Skies: Hal's Hyde Side Comes Out

I really disliked the ongoing drama about Hal living two lives and being possessed, so-to-speak. But, if that's what it took to free Tom of the presidency and get him back to the adventure of being mobile, I'm okay with it. This complicates the series quite a bit, as we could have the Mason/Glass family separate from Weaver and the Charlestonians, but I've seen stranger dramas work. Of course, I don't trust Marina worth a darn, so Charleston could be doomed anyway. Unfortunately, I see Marina much like I see "the true President" and Hal's bugged condition... too many self-contained storylines that do little to further the series as a whole. I mean, can you think of any great plots that might come out of this?

Falling Skies "Be Silent and Come Out" (S03E06): A report notes that Glass and Alexis are alive but captured in an unknown location. Weaver convinces Tom to wait 24 hours before heading off in search of them, but in that time, Hal's evil side comes out. He takes Tom hostage, demanding to know all about the device. [the setting is so dark that it was difficult to see detail!] When Maggie sees this, she tells Weaver, Ben, Pope, and others about Hal's nightmares/Karen encounters. Pope accuses all Masons of being traitors, and Ben slugs him. [well, the spike issue does fit there...] Tom tries to convince Hal to be strong, but even with Maggie and Matt assisting, Hal still is overrun by evil. [dang.] He goes to shoot himself, but Matt interferes and Hal is only slightly wounded. [thank goodness! I was NOT ready for a suicide!] Tom goes to a Skitter to ask about how to get the bug out of Hal, and the option could kill the young man if it turns out there's no bug in him. Tom wants to go through with it, but Hal begs for help. The procedure has insects entering Hal's facial orifices, and though it doesn't look good, a bug is removed. Hal requires CPR and adrenaline to the heart, and when he awakens, he doesn't remember the past week. [creepy.]
James Dittiger
Meanwhile Pope tries to make money off of the situation, taking bets on whether Hal and Tom live or die, and whether or not Hal will be charges with espionage. [Pope is an opportunist, I'll give ya that!] Plus, although Tom initially got upset that Marina went through his things to get Kadar's opinion on the device, he eventually gives her all the information and resigns from his post as President so that he can lead a search party for Glass and Alexis.
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