Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Teen Mom 3: Being Alone

The mothers on this show are often forced to make tough choices, and they wind up spending a lot of time alone, or just with their children. In this episode alone, Briana must sit at home alone with Nova as the teen's older sister takes a college road trip. Alex tries to reunite with Matt but his substance abuse problem causes her to remove herself and be lonely once more. Katie seems to be constantly plagued with choices between doing what she wants and what will please Joey, and when she chooses herself, he tends to respond by leaving her alone. Mackenzie may very well end up alone if Josh continues to take part in the dangerous sport of rodeo. Strange that such different young women can lead such similar lives, eh?

Teen Mom 3 "Moving Forward" (S01E05): It is the end of April for Mackenzie (thanks, rodeo sign!), and Spring Break for Briana (mentioned with her sister's road trip).

Katie: She has been asked to model wedding gowns and lingerie for a photo shoot, but she is self-conscious and Joey doesn't want her doing the lingerie, as she doesn't do it for him. [it's not like they're married... teen parents have more important things on which to spend money.] She works out an outfit that isn't too revealing, but Joey still can't handle it and leaves. [I thought her choice was tasteful.]
Mackenzie: She and Josh go to watch a rodeo and do a little two-stepping. Josh decides to return to rodeoing and Mackenzie supports him, even if others don't. [anyone want to take an over/under on injuries?]

Briana: She's jealous that her sister can take a road trip and she can't. [her sister didn't have a phone charger for her car??] With her sister gone, Briana is lonely and struggles to care for Nova on her own. 

Alex: She goes back to the counselor, and tries to speak calmly with Matt once again, but suspects he is using. If he continues to do so, she will not allow him to see Arabella. [I think their daughter's name has finally grown on me.]  
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