Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Dads is probably the most protested new show of the season, as from the pilot alone the comedy seems full of stereotypes and inappropriate and ignorant remarks. The opening credits are terrible, but, then again, the premise is not exactly award-winning material. Still, there were a few laughable moments, and there could be more in the future. One nice surprise was Tonita Castro as Eli's maid, as she was a great addition to last season's canceled Go On. However, the main idea driving the show is how Warner and Eli complain about the annoying things that their fathers do to see who is worse on a regular basis... is that enough for a series?
Jennifer Clasen/FOX
Dads "Pilot" (S01E01): Warner comes home from work to find out this his live-in father has destroyed the kitchen by making a sandwich. He is also obsessed with pretending he works with Warner, and even asks Warner's wife, Camilla, to act as his secretary. Warner struggles to confront his father about these things, but soon the problem grows. Child Games, Warner and his friend, Eli's, video game company, wants Chinese investors for a sequel to a game based on killing Hitler in different ways. [I'm rather shocked that this could be a thing.] Things are about to close when Warner's dad shows up and says rude things, weakening the chance of forming a partnership. [I'll say! "Shanghai'd" ?!?] Another coworker is able to get things back on track via blackmail, though Warner's dad does make a big deal out of the "diverse" group, telling his son to "show [Eli's dad] your gay guy." [jaw drop!]

That's right, Eli's dad is also around. He turns up in town for a surprise party, but after an awkward set of exchanges, he pretends to leave town. [his dad DID say terrible things in his toast AND a framed picture of himself was weird.] But, the bank took his condo and he has nowhere to go, forcing Eli to offer his apartment for the time being. [and we have the beginning!]
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