Thursday, September 19, 2013

RETURNING: 19 Kids and Counting Goes to Washington

The second half of the season begins with a new opening, showcasing updates photos of the family. While Josie (who turns FOUR is December!) was supposed to be seen as the biggest change, Jordyn actually appeared to age the most, as well as some of the now-teenage boys. Michelle also has a new look, and it certainly is not doing anything for her! Not sure if she can really be blamed, though, as she seems content with playing the grandmotherly role, choosing to spend time with Mackenzie and Marcus (and Michael, though not pictures below) over helping with the packing the household. The Duggars being split between two states will certainly change the balance of the series, and Josh might finally get the spin-off many have been suspecting he wants...
19 Kids and Counting "Big Changes" (S07E12): After Marcus has his one-week checkup, Josh, Anna, and the kids fly to Washington, DC to finish house-hunting. [they were just there two weeks ago? That math doesn't work if they traveled when Anna was 33 weeks pregnant but Marcus was born on his due date...] It's tough, as they weight closeness to the metro, community, space, and price, but they go with a 3,000 sq ft five-bedroom home. Josh was trying to avoid driving to work, but it'll have to happen in this situation.

Back in Arkansas, the family helps pack up the house, and even JimBob and Josh's trainer shows up to assist. A six-vehicle caravan takes off the next morning, including a motorhome, the bus, two moving trucks, an SUV, and a pickup truck. [I'm not sure why the breakdowns for the vehicles happened the way they did...] Two cars are also being towed, as well as a trailer. [why is Josh bringing a second truck of stuff from the car lot? and did he sell it off or who is running it now? also, glad that H3 is gone!] About halfway to Josh's new place, the Duggars decide to drop in on the Bates family, giving them three hours of notice. Still, the Bateses make the most out of the time and whip up dinner, decorations, and even some baby gifts for Anna. [love that family!] Josh is concerned that they'll get behind schedule, and, sure enough, they wind up spending the night there. Josh wakes up early the next day and gets his family on the road... good thing, as the rest of the Duggars wind up spending an extra day in Tennessee!

Josh, Anna, and the kids make it to the new house, which has plenty of space and a yard for the kids to run around. They'll be spending that first night in the motorhome, however, and without Marcus's vibrating seat, which accidentally got loaded onto a moving truck! [ouch!]
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