Friday, September 20, 2013

Where We Left Off...

As we did just before the 2012 fall season began, I thought it would be a good idea to refresh myself and our readers with what was going on at the end of last season with each of the regular-season series we cover. Now, many of the programs we tried last year wound up canceled (like Guys with Kids or The New Normal), and others we've given up on (like Elementary and Revolution), but several are sticking around, so let's get right to it... after all, they're coming back soon, starting Last Man Standing tonight!

Last Man Standing (ABC) Kristin gets a better waitressing job from an old friend (guest star Jonathan Taylor Thomas), and decides to get in apartment in LoDo with Ryan and Boyd. Mandy decides to go to University of Colorado-Denver, as a fashion major, with plans to later transfer to Long Beach University. Returns Friday, September 20th.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) Marshall and Marvin head to Minnesota for a week before moving to Italy for Lily's job. Marshall is offered a position as a judge in New York. Ted has decided to sell his house and move to Chicago right after Barney and Robin's wedding, a mere 56 hours away. Special Note: the entire upcoming season of HIMYM will take place over a three-day period. Returns Monday, September 23rd.

2 Broke Girls (CBS) After discovering an extra room as part of the diner's property, Han hires Caroline to clean it. She and Max discover that there's a nice window, which they might be able to use to sell cupcakes once again. Plus, Sophie thinks that Oleg is getting too clingy. The current savings total is $1540.00. Returns Monday, September 23rd.

The Middle (ABC) Axl graduated from high school and received a car, Sue passed her driving test, and Brick finished elementary school. Returns Wednesday, September 25th.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Raj is now able to talk to women without drinking, but Lucy dumps him after he introduces her to Amy, a step in meeting his friends. Leonard will be working with Stephen Hawking in the North Sea for four months. Returns Thursday, September 26th.

...and, a new one! We're now going to be covering Bob's Burgers, which I caught up on during the past year thanks to Netflix, and really enjoy the non-MacFarlane FOX Animation Domination mainstay. Because the series doesn't really have an ongoing dialogue, there is no real "where we left off," however the last season did end with Tina becoming an espresso addict and Louise realizing she is starting to fall for boys. Returns Sunday, September 29th.

The sad news? This means that, of the 15 network pilots we tried out last year, 0 are on this list. Of course, of those, the only ones even returning are The Neighbors, Revolution, and Elementary, so that's not actually too bad. At the same time, however, it reminds us all of just how precarious it is for the new programs.
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