Monday, September 16, 2013

The Newsroom: Love

The number of "mistakes" in this episode are numerous, so perhaps it is a good things that nobody listened to Charlie's directions! Jim's major faux pas aside, I was a bit dumbfounded by the behaviors of some of the characters this episode, from Mac easily agreeing to Will's random proposal to Lisa fearing that she'll never wind up with someone "smart." There were some positive choices made, though, like Hallie posting a story that quotes Mac as a Cambridge graduate to fix the Wikipedia problem. And this also led to Jim questioning Neal using Hallie in that way, which set up the best joke of the episode, where the internet buff's teases the producer about calling races on his own. Hallie even goes a step further and writes her own article, offering the same note needed to help Mac's Wikipedia page be corrected. But is the sheer fact that it took that much work to get it fixed a smart choice by anyone?

The Newsroom "Election Night, Part II" (S02E09): Several groups have collected signatures to fire Charlie and Will, who are continuing to try resigning with Mac so that everyone else can keep their positions. However, everyone involved in Genoa wants to resign, too, not like it matters. [interesting ideas that Elliot would take Will's spot, Jim would EP Sloan at 10pm, and Don would get Mac's job.] See, Leona has passed the buck to Reese, who hesitates to make a call, but eventually decides to follow his mother's lead and not accept the resignations. However, just in case, Mac and Will remove themselves from the newsroom when a big call is made to show how the others could do it on their own. [Mac and Will alone and admitting to past issues was rough.] But, none of that even matters because Charlie decides that the "institutional failure" isn't real, and that it was all Jerry's fault so nobody should resign. [this could be a good time to mention that Don has decided to counter-sue Jerry.] It all makes Will realize that he and Mac could make things work, so he rushes over right away to propose, and she accepts. [did NOT see this coming!]

Lisa worries that she was never smart enough for Jim, but Jim asks Lisa to watch out for Maggie, and is able to get the two talking again. [I still don't get why Hallie cared about Maggie's situation so much!] Jim and Maggie actually have a lot going on, as they continue to worry about the early call regarding a Michigan race. The "winner's" office calls, wondering how it's been called, and Jim claims they have better people working than other networks. [ha!]

Sloan's book was bid up by fictional characters, and when Sloan sees a poster in Don's office, she knows it was him. She decides to diffuse the tension once and for all by going into the control room and kissing him. [another one of those "works on TV but not in real lief" stories.] Also, Don has enough confirmed to air the Petraeus story, but Mac and Charlie would rather go with the congressman's quote, so they do. [true, jumping the news isn't as big as affecting the polls.]
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