Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun Friday: My Fall Broadcast Network Picks

So, back in June, I broke down all of the new broadcast network pilots, giving a little summary about what they're about and which interest me the most. [CBS, ABCFOX, NBC, CW] (I also did this in 2012 and 2011, if you're nostalgic.) Below is a look at just the ones I'll be tuning in to watch this fall, starting September 17th! We looked at how our DVR will fit it already, but this is to remind you why these shows are worth checking out, in premiering order. When we get closer to mid-season, I'll post another article with those picks in it as well.

Dads (FOX Comedy, premieres 8pm Tuesday, Sept. 17th) has gotten a lot of flack, especially because of the stereotypes and racist jokes in the pilot. I support Seth MacFarlane and will be checking it out for his work, as well as the acting of Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi, but the story of two grown men whose fathers move in with them certainly does not sound like the best idea all season.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (previously just S.H.I.E.L.D.) (ABC drama, premieres 8pm Tuesday, Sept 24th) is Joss Whedon's spinoff from the Avengers film and based on the Marvel characters. There are many rumors about the series because of the secrecy everyone involved has kept, but the pilot screening at TCA proved to be very adventurous and exciting, so hopefully the season will follow suit.

The Goldbergs (ABC comedy, premieres 9pm Tuesday, Sept. 24th) is about a family in the 1980s. Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and three kids make up the core unit, with the youngest son a budding filmmaker, resulting in a lot of narration. There are great things about the series (Patton Oswalt, for one), but I have great hesitations about this one because some of the story premises sound a bit annoying.

Lucky 7 (ABC drama, premieres 10pm Tuesday, Sept. 24th) has seven coworkers from Queens winning the lottery. I think its biggest obstacle will be the in media res beginning but with the right flashbacks, it could still work. Plus, the big focus on "blue collar" folks and their ways of life in the multicultural Queens is appealing to a broad audience with so many upper-middle-class families on TV today.

Crazy Ones (CBS comedy, premieres 9pm Thursday, Sept. 26th) is more than just Robin Williams playing a random old guy with daughter and business partner Sarah Michelle Gellar. The premise behind the advertising firm's ideas and the addition of Hamish Linklater weigh-in well for the program. It sounds a little odd for a CBS offering, but there is still potential if it can get a good start. 

We Are Men (previously Ex-Men) (CBS comedy, premieres 8:30pm Monday, Sept. 30th) marks the return of Tony Shaloub and Kal Penn to comedy, playing two of the four men in the show. I find The Exes very funny, but this show's addition of the guys' exes may or may not be the greatest idea. Still, the talent and driving theme seem to be worth the time to see how a few episodes will play out.
The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC comedy, premieres 9pm Thursday, Sept. 26th, though normal airtime will be 9:30) can be a challenge to watch, as witnessing the suffering of someone with Parkinson's can be uncomfortable. However, Michael J. Fox is about as famous as they come, so seeing him live out the story of his life with some changes (like his profession being a NYC newscaster) could be grand.

Welcome to the Family
(NBC comedy, premieres 8:30pm Thursday, Oct. 3rd) will either find an audience or it won't, and I think that's all there is to it. It's Reba with older kids and cultural differences, minus Barbara Jean. The more I learn about it, the less "staying power" is seems to have, but I just have a feeling that there could be a silver lining behind it all...

Sean Saves the World
(previously The Untitled Victor Fresco/Sean Hayes Project and Happiness) (NBC Comedy, premieres 9pm Thursday, Oct. 3rd) is one of the weaker series that interests me, as Sean Hayes playing a gay man raising a teenage daughter is, quite frankly, a blah concept. However, the supporting characters and plotlines could turn this one around.
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