Saturday, November 9, 2013

Last Man Standing: The Trouble with Snow

Mike decides to help his fellow man yet again! For someone who has railed on several occasions about hand-outs and networking being the easy way out, he sure has seemed to turn over a new leaf lately! While I have no problem with Mike helping his neighbor find a job, I was incredibly angry that Vanessa suggest Eve not shovel driveways so that their neighbor could perform that labor-intensive task instead. Now, as someone who has only had to dig a couple cars out of snow a handful of times, I can't fully appreciate the amount of work that goes into such things, but I can see how it would be awesome to have someone do such things for you, and I'd much rather help out a teenager than a middle-aged man.
Oh, and Mandy's complaints about going to school in the snow were hilarious to me. My second semester of college, someone in my English class had done the math on what each class cost, so when the professor would let us leave a little early, she'd point out how much money that would waste. Apparently, Mandy's courses total $106/day, though that would have to be an average, not per-hour cost. 

Last Man Standing "Shoveling Snow" (S03E07): It's the first snow of the season, and Eve plans to shovel neighbors' driveways at $20 a pop. But, she's beat to it by another neighbor, Phil. The next snow, she gets 8 driveways, and Phil comes to ask if he can do the local driveways because he needs to make ends meet. [in his defense, he must be really desperate if he's even asking for the business!] Mike thinks that the free market should decide this, but Vanessa thinks that Eve should do the nice thing and step aside. [seriously?] Eve is worried about competing with Phil's snowblower, so she rents Mike's for $2/driveway. [I thought that was smart.] Phil continues to undercut Eve, though she is still getting a little more than half the neighborhood business. But, she's been spreading a rumor that Phil ran over a cat, so Mike tells her to be honest. [interesting ploy to get Chuck in the episode.] When Mike finds out that Phil was laid off, he tries to get him a job at OutdoorMan, though an alcoholic may have to get fired to do so. [I didn't realize that would be a violation of ADA stuff.] Well, Mike does hire Phil, and then Eve starts leasing Phil's snowblower for $1/driveway. [haha!]

Another waitress suggests that Mandy flirt to get bigger tips, so she asks Kyle not to come around. [...except who really cares if the waitress has a significant other? if she was flirty, I'd tip her single or taken.] She makes $40 extra and feels miserable, so she apologizes to Kyle. [boring!] The couple celebrate eight months together, and she wonders about their future. There's not much to think about, though they do say "I love you" to one another for the first time. 
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