Sunday, November 10, 2013

Elementary - Phony Brothers

Brothers everywhere, and the fallout from the season premiere finally comes to a head. Watson and Holmes seem to take a few steps back in their relationship but that does make things more interesting. Adding Mycroft to complete the triangle is odd, but hopefully he sticks around.
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Elementary "The Marchioness" (S02E07): Holmes is attending an 'AA'-type group session where he shares about wondering that, if he was born in a different time, he might not be an addict at all, as there wouldn't be as much 'input' for him to deal with. Mycroft reveals himself at the back of the room and upsets Holmes. He explains he's in town to help out a mutual friend of the two, who turns out to be Mycroft's former fiance Nigella, the same one with whom Holmes had a tryst.

Over lunch at Mycroft's not-yet-open restaurant, Nigella shares she is now divorced and a horse owner. Someone murdered her horse caretaker during an attempt to kill the horse. Holmes berates Nigella and finally learns of his brother's former bout with leukemia. Holmes is not very happy about the situation or his brother. ('The man has never met a cliche he hasn't had a head-on collision with.') Mycroft later comes to the Brownstone to apologize to Holmes for not telling him earlier. Turns out, he reconnected with his ex-fiance through looking for a bone marrow donor.

Checking out the crime scene, Holmes finds a tree that the killer climbed to hide in while being pursued. He pulls 4 finger prints from it because the person only had 4 fingers on his left hand and the duo (plus Mycroft) return to the NYC police station with the murderer's backpack. The prints come back tied to mob hits and a massacre. Holmes calls Nigella to warn her that she's a target, and she's shot at while on the phone.

After briefly questioning Nigella without much progress, Mycroft makes the duo dinner, through which Holmes continues working. Holmes links Nigella's horse to gang-owned horses that have been paying to mate with it. Holmes can't sit down and eat with Watson and Mycroft, and Mycroft leaves. Watson reveals to Holmes she slept with him when they were in England.

The next day, Holmes makes the situation as awkward as possible between Watson and Mycroft. Holmes goes to study several ponies and compares them to Nigella's horse. He discovers the offspring are not from the original horse Nigella is claiming due to different markings on their heads. She reveals she's forged paperwork and has been whoring out the brother of the original racing horse.

Going through the evidence for the massacre committed by a man called 'el mechanico,' they discover a witness missing the same finger as the horse caretaker's killer. They arrest him but can't hold him because the fingerprints don't match. Holmes determines he must have been using fake fingerprints. He discovers one of the crimes where the fingerprints were recorded was not a murder but a liquor store robbery. Tracking the old case, they discover where the body of the thief was dumped, and DNA match 'el mechanico,' who stole the fingerprints of the dead man. 

Mycroft stops by to ask Watson to his restaurant opening as a friend. Holmes and Mycroft meet with Nigella to explain that she is safe and has to repay everyone she's ripped off. There's some bonding as Mycroft finally takes Holmes' side on the judgement of Nigella.
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