Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bob's Burgers: Bob and the Fraternity

I tend to enjoy more than half of the episodes of Bob's Burgers, but this one really bored me. Bob cooking for a fraternity was a great premise, and the fact that it's a geeky, rundown house just makes it better fodder. I even liked Bob being "rewarded" for his great meals with beer and "fellowship," and later for his driving with a drink out of a stuffed lizard.
I'm also glad that Linda sent the kids with Bob, as her "party mode" was a bit disturbing. That said, as soon as the Belcher children show up, it's pretty much game over at the frat house. Things quickly slide downhill (mainly because it is also the entrance for Dr. Yap, the episode's antagonist), though not without some funny one-liners like Tina going spelunking in the giant man cave.

Bob's Burgers "My Big Fat Greek Bob" (S04E04): Bob is a substitute cook at a geeky fraternity house, and when the guys enjoy his burgers, they reward him with beer. [makes sense - that is generally the college currency.] Then, the kids ask Bob to drive them over to a rival frat house so they can put a fish in an air conditioning unit. As a reward for getting away with it, Bob gets to drink a beer from an old iguana, the organization's mascot. [um, ewww!] He has a good time and is soon singing karaoke. [that is some historian the group has!] Meanwhile, Linda hosts a "ladies' goods" party, and lies about her sex life to help make sales. [Linda is so go-with-the-flow, LoL!]

The next day, Linda has Bob bring the kids with him, and it turns out that their dentist is also there, as he stays in touch with the group. But, Dr. Yap is upset that the boys also look up to Bob now, so he pretends that the stuffed iguana has been stolen. A prank war is initiated while the Belcher children try to get into a "Room of Secrets," where they actually find Beta and learn the dentist staged the whole thing. [because television always has kids smarter than adults, LoL.] The pranks continue, even though Bob tries to put a stop to it, and a keg of spit explodes. [gross!] That's the end of the problems, though! Oh, and Linda winds up going to a second party and helping make sales there, too. [weird.]
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