Monday, November 11, 2013

Instant Mom: Stephanie and James at the Dance

Gabby not being included in the main plot of this episode was fine by me, as the teen has gotten some great storylines on this series so far (and is arguably the main character). But, having her video chats with a friend on an African safari, then leave the phone around so her friend unintentionally eavesdrops on the family was a bit odd. I understand that maybe that actually happens in this day and age, but it was weird and didn't add anything to the comedy. Similarly, James having never talked to the girl with whom he was "going to the dance" was a bit odd to me - folks with preteens, is that the standard these days??
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Instant Mom "Dances with She-Wolves" (S01E07): Stephanie gets home from Aaron's soccer game and is upset that the other mothers don't include her, but she's determined to make mom-friends, so she puts together some idea for James' 6th grade dance planning committee. [dang! we had 4 middle school dances each year, none with themes!] Stephanie tries pretty hard, but the four other moms have been planning all of the events since their kids were in kindergarten. [but maybe not? later it is revealed that one of the moms moved to town later?] Stephanie tries to pitch some ideas, and the women take them as their own. [omg horrible!] She's eventually told that her ideas aren't wanted, so she quits. But, when James is looking forward to her cool twist on it, she has to go crawling back. [awww. James bragging to his friends that his stepmom is "dope" was adorable.] She's still not very welcome, and is made parking lot monitor, so she cries to Maggie. [wow. the last time I cried to my mom I was 22 and my first car had just gotten totaled. I can't imagine whining about stuff at this stage in life!]

James is worried that Dana won't go with him to the dance, so he asks his dad for help in asking her out. He winds up doing it over text, so then he's worried about actually talking to her at the dance. [how did he have her number to text if he has never spoken to her??] At the dance, Stephanie brings in a chocolate fountain, which gets the boys and girls mingling, impressing some of the moms. She's just starting to get along with them when Maggie shows up and yells at the girls to include Stephanie. [this is why you don't tell your mom things, LoL.]
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