Friday, November 8, 2013

Big Bang: Jealousy

There is lab equipment that can turn hair into diamonds with DNA inside?? I just had my hair cut a couple weeks ago and would have donated it to this cause, LoL! So... I'm a little jealous that the girls on this show have friends who can do such things! But, not as jealous as Sheldon was of Leonard being able to work with Professor Proton Dr. Jeffries, or as jealous as Raj was of Howard flaunting his jewelry tools after Raj went through the work of setting up the activity. The most awkward thing about this episode, though, is that Howard and Raj's reconciliation was entirely unbelievable, but Sheldon and Leonard never really made up at all in my eyes. It'll be just another of the many things that they live with between them... and that's not great news.

The Big Bang Theory "The Proton Displacement" (S07E07): Sheldon, Leonard, and Amy are at the drugstore for restock-the-medicine-cabinet day, and they spot Professor Proton. [haha, only Sheldon would be so excited about such a chore!] Later, Leonard gets an email from the Professor, who wants to collaborate on a paper. Sheldon is jealous, and Amy suggests that Professor Proton might think Sheldon is "too much." The genius knows that he is annoying, so he goes to apologize to Proton. [demanding Amy tell him he's annoying was rough to watch.] Proton still doesn't want to work with him, though, and Sheldon is hurt. Leonard and Dr. Jeffries (Proton's real name) work in the lab, and Leonard befriends Bill Nye to make them jealous. [hahaha!] Proton asks Leonard how he puts up with Sheldon, and Leonard explains that the duo need one another. [I would have liked Leonard to open up just a bit more, though.] Proton decides to let Sheldon give his thoughts on the paper, which Sheldon has already read via hacking. [the problem here is that Sheldon admits to that a little too earnestly.] At least Sheldon found the paper inspired! 

Raj sets up a jewelry-making Girls' Night, but when Howard offers his soldering iron, Raj feels steamrolled. In a sequel night, Howard brings silver, a crucible, and a torch, and molds, really making Raj feel jealous. [while this was a bit humorous, it was also getting annoying.] After the guys talk, things get better, and Raj even makes Howard a lightsaber belt buckle. ["swordfighting" though? awkward.]
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