Friday, May 3, 2013

Big Bang: Professor Proton & Cinnamon are the Stars

Not one of the best episodes of the season, but there were great moments in both storylines. I would have loved more from Bob Newhart, but not every actor over 80 can be as prolific as Betty White! In the B-story, I could have cared less about losing Raj's dog, but I just want to say that I CALLED IT. Howard and Bernadette began talking about parenthood (in regards to sitting for Cinnamon), and I don't believe we're too far from it becoming a reality for them. Of course, that makes you wonder if this series will go more than one more season, but let's not jump the gun. Rumor has it that Leonard will potentially move for next season, and that's already a bit much. Back on the babytrain, though... who else saw it coming? 

The Big Bang Theory "The Proton Resurgence" (S06E22): Leonard and Sheldon are excited about finding a TV scientist from their childhood whom Sheldon hires him for a private party. [I would totally do that, too, but I'd invite a few more people to make it more legit.] This just proves, however, that nobody takes Arthur seriously as a PhD-holding scientist. [awww. I'm sad that Leonard didn't catch onto that.] He does a few tricks but then comes to the conclusion that he doesn't want to be "Professor Proton" anymore. He soon has heart trouble and is taken away by the paramedics, and Sheldon sings him "Soft Kitty." [classic!] Arthur asks him to fill-in for an event the next day, and Sheldon is honored.
Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.
Raj has to work all weekend so he asks Howard to watch his dog, Cinnamon. Howard is initially resistant, but agrees, despite Raj's demands of feeding the canine veal chops and frittatas. [...seriously??] Bernadette and Howard discuss how they might be successful parents just before realizing that they lost the dog at the park. [haha!] Someone finds her and Raj picks her up, only notifying Howard and Bernadette about it hours later. [I think I might have enjoyed a funnier ending.]
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