Monday, May 6, 2013

Dance Academy's Second Season, Part 2 of 4

Continuing on with the second season of Australian teen series Dance Academy (part 1 here), this batch of episodes really has a lot of non-romantic drama, which is a nice change. Kat decides to re-dedicate herself to dancing, Abigail begins to trust originality, and Tara starts breaking rules when she could lose out on opportunities if she doesn't. Sammy goes back to the bottom of the barrel in his classes, but, as a squirrely guy, gets right back on the horse again. Read on...
S02E08: Sammy is allowed to lock up at the diner, but he forgets to do it and the cash register is robbed. [that super-sucks.]

Christian tries to ditch an exam, leaving Abigail hanging. Sammy dances with Abigail but has been hyped up on caffeine and winds up dropping her in a moment of weakness. Ben and Tara also struggle with their new partnership. Meanwhile, Kat takes Christian along on a gig where they entertain children at a party. [I would have liked to see more of Kat's random gigs.]

S02E09: The students take their final examinations, and Sammy has failed all of his classes. [ouch!] To celebrate the end of the semester, however, the girls head to a hip-hop concert, getting in through Kat's agent. The guys are unable to get tickets, so they decide to get tattoos. [SO not the same level!] Only Sammy is super-serious about going through with it (as an act of rebellion), but Christian tells the artist Sammy's age at the last minute. [I'm surprised they wouldn't check IDs for something like that!] Grace gets the guys into the concert, though she uses Kat's phone to text Christian. By the end of the night, Kat and Christian lock lips, but the next day, he wants to break up. [awww.]

Sammy's grandfather suddenly passes away, forcing Sammy to go home for the first time in seven months. [that's quite a while for someone who lives across town!] He wants to become an "independent student" so that he can get a government allowance to cover his tuition, but his father sees that as he wants to be out of the family. [yeah, I could see my mother making the same argument.] Sammy decides that he can't ask to leave his family, but his father secretly decides to pay another semester's tuition anyway.

Grace breaks a bunch of toe shoes, but not Abigail's, so it looks like she did it. Miss Raine wants Abigail back in therapy, and Tara moves in with Grace to avoid Abigail. [that Grace is just rotten!] Saskia assigns Tara a solo instead of allowing her to choose her own piece. It's Kat who gets the good news, however, going from dancing promotional chicken to auditioning for Moulin Rouge. [again, are you not required to be 18 to do anything in Australia? LoL.]

S02E11: Sammy gets a tutor to catch up, but the guy is not really interested in helping Sammy. Meanwhile, Tara secretly tapes Saskia telling her that she'll never make it as a professional dancer. Tara only wants Miss Raine to see it, but Grace wants to put it online. [can we get rid of this girl yet??!?] And, although Kat's dancing is good enough for Moulin Rouge, she's too unprofessional and is dropped before the move to Paris. [I would have liked to hear what her disapproving mother had to say about this!]

S02E12: Kat wants to audition to return to the Academy, and once Miss Raine agrees, Ethan gets Abigail to train his sister. Kat also admits that she's been crushing on Christian since they started at the Academy. [I don't remember if I noticed that or not, but I'm guessing not. going off of Christian's first and second appearances...]

Saskia puts Tara's hip into a painful position, which Ben witnesses. When the pain doesn't stop, Tara decides to see a doctor outside of the Academy in order to get pain relief without being forced to sit out of classes. It turns out, an MRI shows that she has broken a vertebrae and isn't allowed to dance for six weeks. [that's a long time, and a broken vertebrae is a big deal. wonder how this will play out...]

S02E13: Abigail finds out that Tara is seeing an outside doctor, to whom the injured dancer returns for an anesthetic. Tara ignores warnings to stop dancing and injures herself further, causing her expulsion for breaking the rules. Fortunately, she's the only one who has a bad dance experience this episode - Kat has her audition and Sammy has the re-do for his exams.

Saskia asks Abigail to perform "The Red Shoes" at the last minute so that at least one student she coaches makes it past the preliminary round, but Abigail sticks with the original piece Ethan choreographed, and even kisses him before performing. [whaaa???!?]
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