Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dance Academy: Tara & Christian

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This show is going nowhere pretty fast... maybe because it's a drama that's only half an hour. Maybe because I am finally too old to relate to teenagers. Maybe because the characters aren't all that interesting. I'm not sure, but I hope it picks up soon. I also feel as if we've seen more material than would fit in the amount of episodes that have aired, so that only makes things seem worse. Give Kat a storyline of her own! Make something happen to Sam so that he actually has a problem! Let's see some instructor interaction more often! I mean, really, this show is so formulaic it makes me sick! But, I'm pretty sure that I'm not their target demographic, so let's just get past that...

Dance Academy "Minefield" (S01E04): Lots of things happen regarding classes this episode - Tara is allowed to do more advanced moves in class now, and she takes her first pas de deux class, as boys don't take ballet much where she's from. [she never even took workshops at some larger cities nearby or anything?] This leads to a day-long trust exercise, where Sam and Abigail will be tied together for 24 hours, Christian and Tara can ask 20 questions of one another over 24 hours and must answer truthfully, and Kat must take turns being blind with her partner. [I found it weird that these things were all done on the kids' own time - why wouldn't they lie and say that they did them when nobody's watching?] Tara asks Christian about his family and his hometown while Christian asks about how far Tara has gone with a guy, which embarrasses her. [so she probably has never been kissed... is that where we're going here?]

Plenty of kids have been teasing Tara about the pro/con list, so when she's invited to play ball at the beach, she jumps at the chance. But, when they go swimming, she goes to get food. When she returns, everyone is gone and the bus doesn't come. [while I believe that the group left her, I have trouble believing that there was NOBODY else at the beach or skate park.] She doesn't have much money on her, so she walks around a bit. Some guys bother her so she throws fries in their
faces, but, luckily, Christian pops out of nowhere to save her. [so this kid is a complete loner. got it.] Christian assumes Tara is rich, and shares some information about his life, both true and false. Tara's final question asks why Christian told everyone about her accidentally being in the boys' changing room - and he just points out that he wasn't the only one there. So, Tara asks Ethan about the changing room gossip, but he doesn't have much to say. [of course.] Luckily, because Tara apologized to Kat, Kat is there to comfort her when Ethan, once again, acts like an @$$. [I don't really believe that Tara would confront Ethan like that, so this whole chunk of the episode seems unlikely to me.]
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