Monday, December 16, 2013

Elementary - Internal Restlessness

Good character development for Holmes as he clears several emotional hurdles while only committing a minor crime. Nice to see a bit of Watson's past and how she's taking actions separate from Holmes. The question of whether Detective Bell will stick around is interesting because it was assumed we would get to experience his recovery. Now, he might move on and out of Holmes' life without any resolution...
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Elementary "Internal Audit" (S02E11): Detective Marcus Bell is back at work and still unsure if he'll regain full use of his right hand. Watson stops by to check on him while Holmes is off learning how to steal the latest Lamborghini from his sponsor. Holmes can't focus and can't defeat the car's security system, distracted and bothered that even though he did everything correctly on the previous case, Bell still got hurt.

The duo is called to consult on the murder of a dirty hedge fund manager, Hauser,  discovered dead by his personal chef. After Holmes sniffs and oddly handles the victim's head, he concludes he was murdered in the middle of his own suicide. Later, while going over suspects, Holmes asks Watson about Bell and gets a bit snippy before she goes to run errands and leave him to work.

In actuality, Watson received a text from the dead man's personal chef, Chloe Butler, and meets her at her house. Turns out, she was a former client of Watson's and kept it hidden earlier. Chloe gives Watson permission to tell Holmes about her history, as he'll most likely discover it anyway. Upon hearing this, Holmes rules her out as a suspect.

The duo follows up on Hauser's work at a non-profit (dealing with reparations for Holocaust survivors) and discovers he never swindled them so there's no motive to be had. Holmes gets a call from another NYPD detective who found a reporter from the Hauser story dead. Holmes discovers residue from an orange and leads Watson to a park that the killer likely walked through to and from the crime scene.

As Watson talks to skaters who might have captured the killer on video, Alfredo unsuccessfully attempts to get Holmes to become a sponsor. Watson recognizes a man in the skater video whom she remembers from her time working with Chloe. His name is Nelson and he is a criminal who used to to supply drugs to a former colleague. Chloe refuses to let Watson use her to connect Nelson to Hauser, fearing that revealing her past will cause her to lose the custody battle for her son. This drives Holmes crazy.

Watson uses Bell's example as a consequence in an argument with Holmes about going to Gregson anyway, and, frustrated, Holmes breaks into Alfredo's and finally beats the car's alarm system. Alfredo wakes up and asks Holmes to become a sponsor again. Returning home to find Watson still up from the night before, Holmes discovers Watson still has no connection but has sent the video to Gregson to put Nelson's face out there to solicit information.

An anonymous tips leads them back to the non-profit and then to an art gallery that was associated with Nelson. Once there, Holmes' deduction skills lead them to Nelson's body in a dumpster. The police find Nelson's car with evidence of the two murders, but nothing indicating who killed Nelson. Holmes notices a pattern in the art marked as sold and they trace it back to the non-profit, which has been stealing money from the victims for which it's finding reparations. It turns out the head guy killed Nelson after they identified him.

The deputy police commissioner offers Bell a job in his intelligence division rather than be confined to a desk job due to his injury. Holmes agrees to be a sponsor for Alfredo's friend, Randall, and meets with him. Holmes lays down the law of only being his sponsor and nothing more, and Randall 'accepts these terms.'
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