Friday, January 3, 2014

Elementary - Hidden Gems

Moriarty's back! Good for us, bad for Holmes, interesting for Watson. She definitely adds more drama to Holmes than everyday crimes, but it's obvious he handles her much better this time. The episode is more about her than anyone else and exploring her mystery gives us something else to look forward to.

Elementary "The Diabolical Kind" (S02E12): As Watson heads out to continue internet dating, Holmes heads to the roof to tend bees, but really to get letters from Moriarty hidden in the hive. He speculates about Watson and Captain Gregson's relationships in his letter about love.

The duo are called in to assist in the murder of a man and the kidnapping of his daughter as Holmes recognizes the voice of the kidnapper as one of Moriarty's lieutenants. He asks permission to see her and has to reveal his secret correspondence with her to Watson, in the meantime naming Moriarty's henchmen 'fauxriarty.'

Gregson and the duo go to see Moriarty, who is being held specially by the federal govenment in a warehouse, given art supplies, and negotiating a deal for information she has on other criminals. Moriarty recognizes the name of the kidnapped girl, but won't reveal the name of her colleague. The gang heads back to the station to continue the investigation, but is soon shocked when Moriarty and her handlers walk in. Apparently she negotiated a deal to 'fully' help out with the investigation.
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Holmes implores her jailers to rethink this deal and put her back in confinement, despite her having RFID chips implanted in both arms. They let her stay and provide information on the kidnapper, then Watson volunteers to escort her to the crime scene. While there, the two women have an in-depth conversion about Holmes and their relationships with him, sniping at each other.

None of the information from Moriarty about the kidnapper is checking out, so the duo gets back to work. In the meantime, the kidnapper kills a few cops to get a phone and look up the description of him being sent out to law enforcement. In the morgue, Holmes determines the officers were killed for Moriarty's sketches of the kidnappers which contained a coded message. The head kidnapper, Devon, calls the station to talk to Gregson and lets him hear the girl's voice. Holmes convinces them to return Moriarty to lockup, and works on decoding the message from the sketch, which turns out to be GPS coordinates to an island in the Arctic Circle.

Holmes gets copies of all the papers that Moriarty had access to while incarcerated. He discovers a cipher in a classified ad in which Devon threatens Moriarty, who is actually the mother of the kidnapped girl. In the meantime, Moriarty escapes and goes to where Devon is keeping the girl. She kills several of them and then calls Holmes, asking for him to come and see her but leave the police outside.

Once there, she explains what happened and how she gave up her daughter before she met Holmes. Also, she reveals she has a ledger in a vault with lots of hidden 'items' in it, some hers and some passed on from a mentor. She goes to the hospital and Holmes goes home to re-hide her letters.
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