Saturday, January 25, 2014

Last Man Standing: Googling Yourself

I was in grad school the first time I googled myself, as I was engaged to be married and wondered what was out there with my "old name." I was impressed with the results, and they were all me, which is something that doesn't happen when you google my name now. In this day and age, it should come as no shock that I've googled friends and family members to see what was out there - regardless of how common their names may be. Sometimes there are too many other "Vanessa Baxter" people to find the one I want on the web, but sometimes there's just nothing to be found... no newspaper articles, no mentions on websites, nothing. My sister graduated from college six weeks ago, so I googled her right around Christmas to see what prospective employers might find... a bunch of social media profiles, a quote in her college's newspaper, a group presentation powerpoint, and her name in our hometown paper's list of graduates from her high school class. Without considering middle names, her current name is more unique than mine, so she has the luxury of determining what's out there about her. Vanessa, however, is going to be overshadowed, because regardless of how magnificent her work in geology is, more people are going to care about the shadier "Vanessa Baxter." I kinda wonder what Mandy would find...

Last Man Standing "Renaming Boyd's School" (S03E14): Mandy is working on sewing an ambitious cocktail dress for a fashion assignment, and Blanca helps her. [awkward Contempo Casuals sweatshop remarks... though I laughed at "how much do I owe you?" "$20." "an hour?" "...yes."]
It turns out that Clark, of Lewis & Clark, owned slaves, so Boyd's elementary school may change its name. Vanessa is upset because, during her PTA presidency, she was in charge of a Clark mural in the lobby of the school. Mike does a vlog about people being overly sensitive to things that should't be taken offensively, then tries to get Carol and Chuck to support keeping the school's name the same. But, there's no easy answer as to what to do, so nothing really happens. [so... yeah, a useless episode.]
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