Friday, January 24, 2014

White Collar: Diana is Back in Action

Could Mozzie become a regular sitter for Theo? Although Diana sees that he is good with babies, and it's clear that he would do a good job, one cannot overlook the fact that Mozzie couldn't possibly be the best influence, and there would undoubtedly be a lot of potential danger with his enemies list. However, there's a much bigger question at hand: will the next episode of White Collar be the last? Though there is plenty of material going into a sixth season, the series has not yet been renewed for such, and the viewer numbers are not what they once were. I can't possibly get enough of this drama, and I hope you agree!

White Collar "Taking Stock" (S05E12): Peter wants to talk to Neal about his next handler, but Neal wants to try dropping his sentence, with Peter's recommendation. [I kinda don't think it'll happen... anyone wanna wager a guess?] Peter and Neal bag-and-tag all of the evidence from Rebecca's case (an entire day's work), but a phone inside a box rings. [how much time has passed? the phones haven't died yet?] They decide to use the voicemail to try arresting someone else, using Diana to pose as Rebecca. [Diana answering the door with her baby was a little surprising.]
Giovanni Rufino/USA Network
But, when the FBI doesn't don't know what "signal" Rebecca uses when she meets a client for the first time, Peter has her brought to the FBI office for interrogation. [I dislike her so much, I was angry that she had to make an appearance.] She takes some convincing, but reveals her secret in exchange for being able to talk to Neal. She tries to prey on the criminal informant, but he sticks to business, getting more details to help Diana. The job requires her to swipe a thumbdrive from a secure R&D facility, but it gets stolen before they can get to it. [ha! loved how Peter scared it out of there!] Diana winds up having to leave the project when Mozzie scares off her nanny, so Neal must get the drive out of the guy's house. [the gas employee thing was weird.] Because Mozzie wants the best for his namesake, Diana lets him watch the baby for the day, and gets back to the case after Neal picked a lock, cracked a safe, and pretended to be a "mister" to get out of the house when the guy and his "mistress" show up. [wow! how involved!]

When Diana delivers the drive, the thief figures out who she is, thanks to a text Rebecca sent from prison, and pulls a gun. Diana talks her way out of it until Peter and Jones get there to arrest him, so it all works out. [you'd think that Diana would freak out a little more that her life was in danger now that she has a little one.] Rebecca then manages to escape from jail and shows up at Neal's, where Mozzie has gone to decipher the codex's symbols into numbers. [how will he ever know which symbol should represent which number?] 
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