Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Middle: The Hecks are The Hecks

With the Hecks, one might expect that Brick would be a wild card when it comes to towing the party line, but not Sue. Previously, I would have thought that, although she has a strong moral compass, her desire to be well-liked and not a burden of any kind would persevere. So, when she prolonged the family's stay at the church, I was a bit surprised. Therefore, I only became annoyed when she played the stupid card with not understanding how alcohol consumption works, something that is taught multiple times during your adolescent years (and certainly prior to receiving your driver's license!). However, when all was said and done, Axl summed up the family nicely - they're not the Cleavers or the Bradys, but they pull together and make the best of what they're given... and that's a lesson that all families could stand to learn.

ABC/Michael Ansell
The Middle "Hungry Games" (S05E13): The family plans to go to a buffet after church, but the visiting minister butts into their lives when the Hecks seem stressed. [I was SHOCKED at the Bible toss!] Brick opens up about feeling invisible, and then lists several examples of how he is ignored. [well, he kinds is... often.] As soon as amends are made, Sue confesses that she got drunk at a party and danced inappropriately. However, she didn't actually drink anything and only twerked, so it wasn't a big deal. [plus, the party itself seemed really boring, yet nobody even looked at her??] She goes on a confession spree, but her indiscretions are so minute that the reverend eventually stops her. [ha! "save some for Reverend TimTom."] Mike and Frankie are arguing when she comes out, so they go in next, and Frankie winds up breaking down over how much she has on her plate. [I still felt it was all a bit whiny.] When the reverend asks for another group session, Axl protests, claiming that the Hecks all have one another's backs and are good to go. By the time they reach the restaurant, they can all get a plate or two of grub before closing time. [ugh. if it's within 75 minutes of a buffet closing, you don't go. that's kinda the rule, guys.] As they eat, Axl says that he wasn't BSing, he meant what he said, which makes Frankie tear up. [and definitely shows some character growth on Axl's part!]
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