Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Trophy Wife: Working Together

I'm not much of an ideas person, which I only really notice because my husband is hugely an ideas person. He probably comes up with something on a weekly basis that could improve life in some way, and I think I've had about three such ideas in the past ten years. So, I'm intrigued that Jackie comes up with so many ideas, even if she doesn't follow through with any of them or they turn out to be terrible concepts. Kate doesn't seem to be an ideas person, either, but she does want to make a difference, so I completely believed that she would blindly follow Jackie into a side business. Unfortunately, Kate doesn't have the creative mind to make it work, and it soon fails. However, the broached topic will probably return in one form or another, so perhaps there is a future for Jackie's ideas and Kate's spunk to work together.

ABC/Gilles Mingasson
Trophy Wife "Foxed Lunch" (S01E14):  Jackie has a new idea for a business, and sells Kate on making designer lunches for children. However, each takes 45 minutes to make, so Jackie quickly panics when there is pressure from several PTA parents to buy them. [my jaw dropped at how long that took! my mom made creative lunches in the 90s and I'm willing to bet more than 5 minutes didn't go into it!] Kate decides to cheat and buy cheap cucumbers rather than organic ones, hiding her trickery with stickers. [ha!] But, when Jackie finds out, she quits, forcing Kate to attempt to keep the entire business together... but that only lasts another day. [Kate is 3 credits shy of a degree in marketing? I see that becoming a future storyline!]

Warren and Bert take karate, so they think Pete should beat up troublemakers at the movie theater. [who does that?] Pete talks to the instructor about the lessons he's giving the kids, and winds up hurting himself in trying to prove a point of his own. [boring!]

Also, Diane trains Hillary for the track team. [random.]

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