Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Goldbergs: Girls and Boys

I have long been jealous of people who have life-long friends. I have a couple of Facebook friends from elementary school, but as far as people I regularly keep up with, aside from my seventh-grade BFF, I have to look to my college crew as my oldest friends. So, the fact that The Goldbergs is based on Adam Goldberg's actual life is really cute... not only did we learn about how he became friends with Chad, but now also how he had a girl BFF, Emmy. The best part about these features is not how much we learn about Adam, however, it's that the show continues to balance stories about the entire family, which is clearly the goal from the title. It'll be a month until the show returns (time for the Olympics, guys!), but it should be a good ride through the remainder of the season.

The Goldbergs "Muscles Mirsky" (S01E13): It's February 6th, and Erica and Beverly are at one another's throats. [good! I appreciate seeing a realistic depiction of mothers and teen daughters!] Erica keeps catching Bev not trusting her, but as soon as Bev does let her go out on her own, she winds up at a frat house toga party, which is enough to bring in the big guns: Murray accompanies Bev to retrieve their daughter. [well, in all fairness, we know Erica lies a LOT! about her volunteer swim coaching, going to parties in the woods, etc.] 
ABC/Richard Cartwright
Barry wants to have a girl in his room, but Beverly says no, despite allowing Adam to bring Emmy Mirsky into his room. But, of course, Emmy is a tomboy with whom Adam has grown up, so Bev isn't worried. [that worm situation was GROSS!] However, the fact that his mother doesn't care prompts Adam to feel some sexual tension, desiring to kiss Emmy. She doesn't want to, and claims they can no longer be friends. Fortunately, he soon realizes that he doesn't actually love her, so their friendship not only rekindles, but remains to this day. [awww!] Oh, and after Barry fails to turn the dining room into a moody location, Bev lets him move upstairs with his female classmate, only she doesn't want to go! [haha! also, what was up with the whale sounds??]
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