Friday, June 13, 2014

Instant Mom: Keeping Secrets

Bribery has become commonplace on Instant Mom, and it's no longer just hush money, either. In this episode, Stephanie placates Gabby with a (false) account of a past relationship, further portraying how poor the values are on this series. The stuffed moose head was cute, but that's where the amusement ended for me. Maggie insisting that Charlie gift Stephanie diamonds was inappropriate and annoying, James being shown that there are many sneaky ways to make a buck was mortifying, and Aaron being told to keep secrets from adults made me feel icky. Being quiet about a gift until it's given is one thing, but staying mum about the details over how it's procured is something else. I find that I sigh often when I think about the messages in this family comedy, and I'm willing to bet I'm not alone...

Instant Mom "Should Old Acquaintance Be for Hire" (S01E24): It's Charlie and Stephanie's first anniversary, and Gabby is determined to figure out what they're gifting one another. Maggie is also invested in the situation, and wants to make sure Charlie's gift for her daughter includes diamonds. Well, Stephanie wants to have a sound system installed for Charlie, so she sends him on a day-long errand to bring back a stuffed moose head "for an event." Meanwhile, she hires her ex-boyfriend, Vince, to do the work for cheap. Unfortunately, it appears that he keeps hitting on her, and the kids find out over the intercom that the two used to be a couple. [intercoms are nothing but bad news on television shows!] Charlie returns with the head, though Stephanie is rushed to present the gift because the kids nearly blow the secret.
The plan backfires, though, when Charlie loves it so much that he wants to tweak it a bit, and calls Vince to do the work. [why didn't Stephanie just get the number of the company he works for and have them send out someone else?] Stephanie learns that all Vince is after is a new doctor client pool, so she comes clean about the situation to Charlie at dinner. He already knew, though, as Vince admitted the truth when the men first met. [Charlie gifting Stephanie the note from when she hit his car was touching, but also kinda bring.]
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