Thursday, June 12, 2014

Melissa & Joey: Still Leading up to the Wedding...

I'm becoming less and less interesting in this series as it gets more and more ridiculous, and it's now clear that the wedding was set-up mostly so the series could squeeze out a fourth season. With Lennox and Ryder now both young adults, Mel and Joe need more to hold them together... hence the rushed relationship. Now, it would make sense for Mel to get pregnant soon, especially as the writers seem to be concerned about the Mel-Joe factor being enough to hold together the series, but as they just played the "relieved we're not pregnant" card, they may have to go another way. Regardless, it certainly seems like the wedding has been dragging on...

Melissa & Joey "You're the One That I Want" (S03E35): It's the afternoon before Mel and Joe's wedding, and Zander, Ryder, and Marco go with Joe on a bachelor dirt bike adventure. But, when they get done, Ryder drops his bike on Joe's foot, causing him immense pain. [ouch!] He tries to hide it from Mel, who wants to practice their first dance, but when she accidentally steps on his foot, he has to admit it hurts. [she believed that verb tense flub? LoL.]

Mel has quite the adventure of her own as well... starting when Joe accidentally sees her trying on her wedding dress, so she has to go buy another to avoid superstitious traditions. [I liked the first gown better. and actually really liked the dress she wore shopping!] Later, the ladies go on a bar crawl, and Joe's sister, Teresa, winds up revealing that Joe has a thirteen-year-old daughter he doesn't know about. [holy cow!] Felicia, he babymama, was a neighbor with whom Joe partied at a New Year's event. He never found out because Felicia moved out of town and swore Teresa to secrecy. [WHOA.]

Mel can't live with that big of a secret, so when she is rendered speechless during the vows, she whispers the news to him to clear her conscience... but Joe can't focus after that. [I believe it. Also, Tony is there! after he got sent away!]
In a side story, Lennox makes Ryder promise that he'll tell Mel and Joe the truth about his future after the wedding.

Melissa & Joey "Maybe I'm Amazed" (S03E36): Joe demands answers, so Teresa tells him that Felicia and her daughter, Dani, live in Fort Wayne, so they put everything on hold for a day while Joe goes to track her down. She won't answer his calls, so Mel accompanies him to the woman's home. Felicia turns out to be an acupuncturist for aging rock stars, and tries to keep Dani from Joe, though Mel has an idea of how to find the teen. They locate her at her middle school's bake sale, and she thinks Joe was essentially a gay sperm donor. [how random!] Joe goes along with it at the encouragement of Mel, but Dani figures out the truth and is upset. However, she seems to get over it quickly, as she takes a $400 cab ride to Toledo so she doesn't miss the wedding. [um... what?!?]

Elsewhere, Zander is still upset that Lennox made out with Marco in Jersey, and winds up sleeping with one of his roommates in revenge. Lennox, of course, finds out. And, Ryder decides to go ahead and break his news to Mel, but she obviously has other things to worry about at the moment, as Ryder had hoped.
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