Thursday, August 14, 2014

Teen Mom 2: Yawn

Very little commentary, because very little happened. The moms talk about things that happened, but this time around, only Leah really shows the audience anything interesting.

Teen Mom 2 "I'll Be Missing You" (S05E18):
Kailyn: Javi leaves for his month of training, leaving Kailyn lonely with the kids. [when did Kailyn get a sleeve done??]
Leah: The insurance company doesn't think Ali's old enough to use the wheelchair, so she, Leah, and Jeremy head to Ohio to film the four-year-old using one. While they wait for insurance approval, they are able to take home a loaner power wheelchair. [so at least we're setting up for some new material.]

Jenelle: Nathan is released from his sentence early, and he's excited to repent his wrongdoings to Jenelle. [and we see Jace work on learning letters.]

Chelsea: She drives four hours to the state cosmetology commission, where she finally gets her esthetician license. Adam is going before a jury over his crimes.
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