Sunday, September 14, 2014

Girl Meets World: Crushes and Crushed

The first time my husband and I talked, we were in the seventh grade. I can't quote the conversation, as it meant nothing at the time... he was just the boy who sat behind me for a quarter of geography class. Three years later, we began our lifetime of being inseparable, and only three episodes of Boy Meets World aired after that, so I never thought to strive to "be" Cory and Topanga. Years later, though, I thought about how we were similar to the couple in many ways, and how teenagers SHOULD be aiming for a relationship like theirs. They didn't give up when times were tough, they stuck to doing what was right when it wasn't easy, and they grew together while growing up. So, the conversation Topanga and Auggie have about how first loves aren't always lifelong was tough to hear, as I believe they can be. I didn't like the "oh no, I married Feeny" revelation, though!
It really begs the question, though... do enough people try to follow in the Matthews' footsteps? 

Girl Meets World "Girl Meets Smackle" (S01E08): Cory teaches the kids not to assume, using Ancient Troy as his example. [I'm really struggling to see how much history he's actually teaching alongside those Feeny-ish life lessons...] There's an interscholastic debate over school uniforms that Farkle loses to his crush/nemesis, Smackle. When Farkle doesn't return Smackle's affection, Riley and Maya give Smackle but Farkle sees that Smackle is just trying to conduct an experiment to prepare for the next debate: "is beauty only skin deep?" [how did I not see that immediately??] So, he uses Lucas to distract her, but it doesn't work and she wins again. [what is with Riley's red pants??]
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