Wednesday, September 17, 2014

19 Kids and Counting: Preparations

While most of the current season is centered around Jill's engagement and wedding preparations, many long-time Duggar fans are wondering if next season will be the same, only with Jessa as the center of attention. It's certainly possible, as I'm willing to wager that Ben's internet-famous scavenger hunt proposal was filmed, and Ben's family has a lot more in common with the Duggars than Derick's, but Jessa also seems like the type who will keep things simple, making television-worthy planning a failure. But, it's episodes like the two latest ones that continue to showcase the other elements to 19 Kids and Counting. The rest of the kids still enjoy learning, doing, and playing, health is a concern for the Duggar men, and Josh's family life in DC is about to become more interesting to watch, as Anna continues to homeschool Mackynzie while raising two younger children as well. But, for now, as Jessa continues to be lovesick over Ben, let's keep looking forward to the Duggars spreading their wings, ok?
Kids and Counting "Duggar Dirty Jobs" (S08E16): Jill and Derick are eight weeks out from their wedding, and Michelle accompanies them to go ring shopping. Michelle and Grandma then take some of the little kids to a paint-a-pot place to make wedding gifts for Jill and Derick, like a horse, a platter, a teapot, a heart-shaped dish, a plate, and a chips-and-dip tray. [these items were great in theory...]

Jessa realizes that she wants to look great every day now that Ben is around all the time, though he's plenty busy with the list of tasks JimBob gave him and JohnDavid. [I didn't really follow that doughnut side trip...?] 

19 Kids and Counting "Duggars Decorate & Diet" (S08E17): Josh and Anna have been in Virginia for a year now, but Josh has been slacking at eating healthy, so it's a shock when Steve shows up and disapproves of their pantry items. [I was a little surprised they had expired items, though.] Josh and Anna don't have a lot of fresh vegetables, so they head to a Farmer's Market to remedy that.

Jinger takes engagement photos of Jill and Derick. [how did they come up with that location on the side of the road??] Josh makes the wedding invitations.

It's been a few weeks since the soapbox cars were put together, and now they're being decorated.
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