Saturday, September 27, 2014

Girl Meets World: What's My Thing?

While I was excited to see the return to the subway that seemed like such a big deal when the series premiered, I wasn't thrilled that Jackee Harry was back in what seemed to be a different character entirely. Evelyn Rand is an important businesswoman who addresses the United Nations, while the unnamed character in the pilot "worked a 12-hour shift" possibly on her feet the entire time. Yes, these could be one in the same, and maybe that oddity will be explained in a future story, but I still thought it was odd and am curious as to whether it bothered others as well. That quirky continuity abnormality aside, I'm over here dying for Topanga to get a meaningful storyline, and I'd bet I'm not the only one, either!

Girl Meets World "Girl Meets Crazy Hat" (S01E10): The cute and quaint first: Auggie wants an allowance, and when he hints that he needs a specific amount of money, Topanga forks over a Hamilton, thinking that he wants to get her a birthday present. [are we hinting at an upcoming Topanga-centric episode??!?] Instead, he gets Ava some plastic jewelry, which further pushes her bossy ownership over him.
Cory splits the class into two muffin businesses, with Riley & Farkle leading one while Maya and Lucas spearhead the other. [seriously? only the kids we know (and the teacher's daughter) get to be in charge??] Lucas believes in treating his employees well, having integrity, and using organic ingredients, but he's only selling 14% as much as Farkle, who is loading his customers with pure sugar in a cupcake image. [of course the Texas boy has more values than the son of a very wealthy businessman.] Farkle buys out the other company and begins downsizing, keeping Lucas as the face of the company. Riley and Maya are thrown out, and realize that the continuous rain is ruining everyone's week, so they come up with an umbrella-share non-profit. [I would understand Maya wearing a green garbage bag as a poncho, but Riley doesn't have a raincoat?? and it was totally unbelievable that a sanitation worker would just toss a 100+lb girl into the dumpster.] The girls' subway mentor, Evelyn, will fund the start-up costs, and they get to work putting the system into action. [I don't see that kind of thing working, but I'm not the eternal optimist a preteen is.]

A notable similarity to the original series: Cory struggled with finding his "thing" throughout Boy Meets World, with several episodes devoted to the topic. (I'm thinking of Season 5's "How to Succeed in Business" and Season 7's "The Provider" off the top of my head...)
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