Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hot in Cleveland: More and More Outrageous

Elka is in office, and it doesn't take long before there are multiple issues stemming from it. While the mob situation didn't really surprise me (given what we know of Elka's history), I was a bit shocked that Melanie thought she could get out of a ticket by pretending to be the newly-elected councilperson. I'm sure that a nonagenarian running for office made the local news more than once. Also, quite frankly, I'm willing to bet that a policeman would likely recognize the council people more than the average citizen, and Melanie isn't Victoria, so she should have thought of that. On a different topic, the annual birthday set-up dinner remained amusing, albeit more eyeroll-inducing than ever. And, on a final note, I like the way Melanie's mom thinks! ;)
Hot in Cleveland "Win Win" (S05E22): Elka can't go to the Oscars with Victoria because they're the same night as her local election, so Joy will accompany Victoria, having won the coin toss with Melanie. [I don't like coin tosses, but at least it wasn't a cut-throat run-off!] But, Victoria has a tough time pretending to be happy if someone else wins, so after she learns that she also has the same gown as Charlize Theron, she decides to stay home in bed and just have a live feed show her if she wins. [it wouldn't show her just being nominated?] But, she gets stung by a bee on her face, then her hair gets caught on fire, and she spills wine on herself. To become presentable, she winds up with a large drawn-on mole, a turban, and a backwards jacket, looking like a straightjacket. Helen Mirren and Victoria both win, Joy pulls off her nurse's outfit to reveal her gown on camera, but there's a nip-slip. [ugh. seriously?!?]

Melanie's had some major photoshopping done on a new ad campaign for her radio show, so she decides to lose some weight to look a little more like the poster. But, her mother shows up, and Melanie begins to feel bad about herself.

Elka has taken to lying to the locals and paying off voters, then causes a huge traffic jam to prevent a whole demographic from reaching the polls. She wins the highly contested race, but has to fire Mamie Sue in the process, though the two make up in the end. [this takes me back to 2008...]

Hot in Cleveland "Don Elka" (S05E23): Elka is getting the royal treatment at the bar, much to Joy's chagrin. However, when Melanie tries to get out of a traffic ticket by using Elka's name, things go amiss. [nothing funny really materialized in this storyline.]

Simon has flown to Cleveland to see Joy, who was planning to break up with him. He gets the scoop when Joy heads to confession and he takes the priest's spot. [ha!] Then, he masquerades as a masseuse to showcase how he used to make her feel. [awkward.] The final step is dressing as a Scottish nanny to lead Joy to think that it would be nice to keep the original family together. [that's so odd!] Simon almost blows it when his breasts are made of popcorn and birdseed, as he gets close enough to the oven that the corn begins popping. [this should have been funny, but it was a bit too much at that point.] 

Victoria's Oscar is supposed to arrive, but she gets a Buddha statue in the mail instead. [and this isn't resolved?? we all know she'd be on the phone like a madwoman...]

Hot in Cleveland "The Bachelors" (S05E24) [Season Finale]: It's the girls' annual birthday celebration, and they have desired dates with whom to be set-up by the others. Elka wants a long-ago Polish beau, Stan, who is now a woman named Olga. Victoria wants a male model from Cleveland magazine who turns out to be growing a nose on his forehead for his brother. [WHOA.] And, doing good has convinced him to grow an ear for someone as well!
Melanie wants a caller who is a rocket scientist, but he brings along his sex surrogate, with whom he's obsessed. 

This leaves Joy with Mitch, who plans to propose but gets scooped by Simon. [so Phoebe on Friends!] Bob then shows up to propose, but they've never even dated. The guys wind up physically fighting over her, and Joy gets knocked out in the scuffle. At the hospital, Elka sees Max, visiting from Florida. [and THAT'S where we're leaving off?? Huge cliffhanger!!] 
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