Thursday, October 16, 2014

South Park: Uber & Wacky Races

I believe that there is still good in the world. When I use Uber (whether in San Francisco or San Diego or Manhattan), I'm not afraid that I'll get kidnapped or robbed or raped. When I use Airbnb (and I've stayed in three different places in Los Angeles, for example), I don't worry that the homeowners will bring me any harm. I think businesses like these are a great asset to have, and allow individuals to make money using things they already own/pay for. But I've talked with people who look at me like I have three heads when I suggest they take up a stranger for a ride or stay in a room of someone's otherwise-occupied home. South Park didn't address these issues, instead using this episode to illustrate how easy it is to bring up a phone app to get a ride somewhere, before turning the focus to a Wacky Races spoof. While I'm not old enough to know the original cartoon and thus geek-out with the parents, I am familiar with Yogi Bear's similar antics, so I was also caught up in the action!
Comedy Central
South Park "Handicar" (S18E04): Timmy drives for Handicar, which seems to be like the Uber or Lyft services. He uses his motorized scooter pulling a red wagon, but keeps raking in thr dough, raising over $2,000 for summer camp. [dang!] However, there are cab drivers and anti-camp kids out to stop him; the cabbies even beat Timmy's legs, which, of course, doesn't slow him down. [who does that kinda thing to a kid??] An anti-camp kid, Nathan, suggests to Timmy that he expand his business, thinking he'll be able to get a sexual harassment complaint as a driver, but it backfires - the rider is a sexual predator and business booms. [only on South Park!] Elon Musk, of Tesla, gets behind the anti- group, and they challenge Timmy to a Wacky Race. [Dick Dastardly and Muttley! omg!]

Lyft Car, ZipCar, Taxi, Hummer salesman, Tesla D, Canadian concept vehicle, Handicar, Japanese self-driving car, and Dick Dastardly & Muttley all compete to see who is the best driver. [hilarious!] Lyft picks up the passenger, but Hummer steals her. But, they try to make a sale and let her drive, but Tesla knocks the SUV out of commission, and the Taxi steals her during the transfer. The Canadian car breaks down, Dastardly causes an accident, and Handicar picks her up. Every plot to ruin Handicar fails, so Timmy sells the company to Elon Musk for $2.3B. [and I'm sitting here shaking my head! also, rough Italy thing at the end.]
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